Thursday, March 23, 2023

“I want to play without insults”, the informative days of handball from Malaga

“I want to play without insults” is the motto chosen with the Provincial Committee of Handball Referees in Malaga to call attention to any uneducational conduct that occurs during the competition. The campaign, which has the support of the Malaga Provincial Council, will hold a first informative day at La Térmica next Thursday, February 2, in which referees, coaches, players and family members who usually accompany the teams will participate. It is also open to the participation of any follower or fan who so wishes.

Three points of view will be put on the table. The first from the hands of Juan Antonio Bernal, an experienced Andalusian referee, member of the CTA as designator and standard bearer of this campaign. Miguel Rueda Román «Micri» will give his vision from the perspective of the coach-educator as a coach of the Antequera Silver Honor Division team and as the father of a player from handball, and the third will be the soccer referee Ángel Andrés Jiménez, a soccer referee known for his firm commitment to fair play, who has been participating in Platform 090 for years to prevent similar behaviors from soccer fields, and who will give a perspective very wide in this sense. Angel is known as the “arbiter of peace.”

The clubs may also adhere to this initiative, which starts from the premise that the referees are the authority on the field of play and those responsible for compliance with the regulations for a normal development of the matches. Clubs must educate their coaches, players and fans to respect the figure of the referee because of the incorrect actions that may occur, a bad habit can be acquired in a player in the training and personal development stage. For the same reason, insults, shouting and inappropriate gestures must be avoided during the competition, and for this, mutual respect between team supporters is important.

Finally, it is important to encourage the players from the stands so that they feel surrounded by their parents, relatives, friends and fans in general. We must be aware that the result in these categories is not important, since the participants play to have fun, learn and train.


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