Thursday, June 1, 2023

“I have the hues… to accept that I was wrong”: Rafa Puente speaks after leaving Pumas

Rafael Puente Jr. was removed from cougars after failing to bring the team to the forefront, causing the anger of the fans because it left the team in third from last place in the table.

Almost two months after his departure, the former feline trainer broke the silence and in interview for the YouTube channel of Donkey Van Rankinspoke about his brief stint with the team.

In said talk, river bridge He mentioned how difficult his arrival at the university team was, since from the beginning he faced an adverse outlook due to the lack of confidence that the fans had in his project, a situation that was reflected on social networks.

“I entered cougars and signed for six months. The day they introduced me, there was already a trending topic and hashtag of ‘outside bridge‘. The footballer obviously consumes social networks like you and me ”, recalled the strategist.

“The footballer evidently consumes social networks like you and me, so they said: ‘this coaching staff is vulnerable and it has many cons, and that generated anxiety,” he added.

Along the same lines, the 44-year-old coach acknowledged that in the game against Blue Crosswhich was the turning point of his departure, came out fearing not to lose, a situation that was reflected in the final result of that game.

“I like to be the protagonist and I am convinced that football is a show, I go out on the field to win, not not to lose. And that I did against Blue Cross, I went out not to lose and lost at the Azteca. I can’t fool myself, that’s what happened in that game. I was wrong because I failed my way of playing. I died of nothing, and I was the first to send that message of fear, I have the balls to say that I was wrong, ”he accepted.

Despite this, Rafa Puente took his time in a positive way cougarsbecause he assured that he obtained an apprenticeship that will help him to continue growing in his technical career.

“I’m not upset by the way I came out, I’m upset because obviously I would have loved to continue at Pumas and reach the goals we set for ourselves; and it couldn’t, but nothing happens. In the soccer industry you rarely do well, and many times you do badly, so for me this stage in cougars It was an apprenticeship,” he concluded.


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