Wednesday, February 8, 2023

‘I am not unfaithful in real life’, Nora Fatehi said this about love and partner

Call it a coincidence with Nora Fatehi that in all the music videos she has appeared in, in most of the videos her avatar has been of ‘befwa girlfriend’. In such a situation, Nora herself is troubled by the image being created among the audience. In the recently released song ‘Achha Sila Diya’, Nora has become a wife who murders her partner.

When Nora wanted to know if she ever cheated anyone in real life. In response to this, she says, in real life I am not an unfaithful girl at all. It is strange that in all the singles that I have done, I have become the girl who cheats and leaves the boy alone. As far as my life is concerned, on the contrary, I have been cheated many times. Thank God that so far no one has ruined me like it has been shown in the songs.

Nora, who is seen in romantic songs, is currently single. What quality does Nora look for in her future partner? In response to this question, Nora says, this is a very interesting question. By the way, I want my future partner to be honest and hardworking and most importantly, he should love me a lot.

Reacting to the tag of queen of singles songs, Nora says, whatever singles I have done, it takes more effort from other people than me. A whole team works on this. I am happy that people like my songs. Anyway, I think the specialty of the album is that I get a chance to dance along with acting in it. It challenges me as an artist. I just pray that fans continue to shower love on my songs in the future as well.

Let me tell you, Nora Fatehi’s Achha Sila Diya song single has been released recently. Rajkumar Rao is debuting music album with Nora in this song. The song is sung by B Praak and lyrics are penned by Jaani.

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