Sunday, May 28, 2023

‘I accepted Islam – I became Fatima’, Rakhi Sawant said on love-jihad – We do not believe in caste

Entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant’s marriage has become the talk of the town at this time. Rakhi had blown people’s senses by sharing pictures of her marriage. Rakhi has also changed her name to marry Muslim boyfriend Adil Khan. Questions like love-jihad have also arisen on the marriage of the actress. In such a situation, now Rakhi has given an answer to the people.

What did Rakhi say on live-jihad?

Rakhi Sawant and Adil were asked that love-jihad is being talked about their relationship. Rakhi says on this – First of all, I do not know what love-jihad is. I only know love. We do not believe in caste. They accepted me and I accepted them. there is no religion among us

Rakhi further said- Yes, they have married. We have married. It is true that Adil has named me Fatima. I have accepted Islam. I accept this thing. To get my husband… I have done whatever I could to get my love. I have done everything to get my husband.

Rakhi Sawant was in a lot of trouble for a few days because Adil refused to accept his marriage with the actress. But Rakhi claimed that she had married Adil 7 months back. But Adil had asked to hide the matter of marriage, so he did not tell anyone about it. Now when Rakhi felt that Adil was cheating on her, Rakhi revealed the marriage.

Fearing Salman, Adil accepted the marriage

But seeing Rakhi crying bitterly, Salman Khan helped her like a brother. Salman Khan called Adil and said that if he has married then accept it, if not then refuse him, face the truth. In such a situation, Adil accepted Salman’s advice and accepted Rakhi as his wife in front of the world. Rakhi is very happy to have Adil’s support. We also wish them Happy Married Life.


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