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HUAWEI P60 Pro: elegance and an impressive camera

A luxury design: from the first moment you see it. Huawei P60 Pro is elegance and quality without a doubt.

This new smartphone from the Chinese brand stands out in terms of design, photographic capacity, resistance and autonomy.

For those who love design (particularly), the phone is a luxury: there is the traditional black, but the expressiveness leaves in a rococo pearl (marble style). which makes it different from the range of devices that for years showed dopamine colors, but accessible, like pastels.

In developing this new design, HUAWEI developed a flattening process that succeeded in reducing the thickness of the material to less than 1/5 of the original size of the mother-of-pearl. This element is also known as mother of pearl, making it the first phone in the world to integrate natural mineral pearl powder into its production.

P60 Pro

A full-fledged camera

Huawei already has a great history when it comes to photography. And it honors this with the P60 Pro. It improves the image in any lighting condition. In its Super Macro function it gives details that escape the human eye. And in a concert and with zoom we don’t have images worthy of a 90s video, but detailed and defined elements.

And it is not to say it. In fact, the XMAGE technology developed for this has brought recognition in this field: the first prize worldwide awarded to the P60 Pro’s camera was awarded by TIPA (Technical Image Press Association), who chose this device as the Best Photographic Smartphone.


DxOMark later rated the HUAWEI P60 Pro as the best camera phone in the industry after winning the first position in the ranking of the best camera for smartphones, after an exhaustive process of tests and analysis.

And it is that this new release raises the standard of mobile photography with unprecedented innovations that will allow you to capture whatever you want in a unique way, even in very low light conditions.

With the adoption of the motto “Eye of light”, it becomes the first smartphone designed to see in the dark. The Chinese brand focused all its efforts on getting sharper and more vibrant photos; for this it included a totally improved optical system and becomes the first smartphone equipped with an Ultra Illumination Telephoto camera that has an F / 2.1 aperture, never-before-seen achievement in periscope telephoto, which helps to capture much more light and take zoom photos at night in an unmatched way.


Additionally, as part of its photography module, the HUAWEI P60 Pro features an Ultra-Light Main Camera equipped with an industry-first 10-level variable F/1.4-F/4.0 physical aperture that lets you explore textures, approaches and everything you need to make your images your own.


The team has a lot to offer in this section. Since it has the exclusive and ultra-resistant Kunlun Glass, a powerful glass created by HUAWEI, which offers 10 times greater drop resistance compared to traditional glass included in other smartphones.

Thanks to the billions of nanocrystals embedded in the glass, this is the first and only smartphone glass to have been certified by SGS in Switzerland with a 5-star drop resistance rating.

And the battery?

One of the eternal sufferings of users is the drain on the battery and charging lasts forever. But this has been improved with HUAWEI SuperChargeTurbo technology, which allows you to charge half of the P60’s battery in less time than usual.

This new smartphone packs a 4,815mAh battery into a body that’s just 8.3mm, which means Turbo charging technology can deliver hours, or even Up to 1 day of autonomy (depending on use) with a charge of only 10 minutes. Now, in order to activate the Turbo charging function, you must hold down for a couple of seconds the animation on the screen that appears once you connect the device to the official charger, included in the box.

A team that in several of its characteristics proves to be a high-end.


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