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How to send WhatsApp messages through Siri: step by step guide

Starting with iOS 17, Apple gives you the option to choose which app you want to use to send messages what you dictate to Siri. Among them is compatibility with WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging services on the market.

Although sending messages through Siri using third-party applications is something that can be done since iOS 10, until before iOS 17 the command had to be dictated in a specific way. That is, mention from the beginning that WhatsApp is the app through which you want to communicate. This isn’t a problem unless you forgot to mention it, at which point Siri would automatically choose the Messages app, leaving you with the only option to start over.

However, with iOS 17 the iPhone’s virtual assistant leaves room for previous corrections. Now, If you forget to mention WhatsApp from the beginning, you can do it later, and Siri will do the rest automatically. Of course, before putting it to work, you first have to follow these steps.

How to send WhatsApp messages through Siri

If you want to send a WhatsApp message using Siri as a method, it is very easy to set up. This is what you have to do:

The first step will be to execute the command “Hey, Siri.” In this way we will wake up the virtual assistant. We will then ask you to send a message to the preferred WhatsApp contact. Thus, the command would look like this: Hey, Siri. Send a message to (contact name).

Once Siri has processed the command, it is time to compose the message. Tell the assistant whatever you want the receiver to read and it will quickly type it into a text box.

From the beginning, Siri has probably been choosing to send the message through the Messages app. Once you have written the text, the assistant will ask you if you want to send it or change it. This is where you have to tell him to send it on WhatsApp.

Siri will change the app it uses to send the message to WhatsApp. If it doesn’t listen to you, you can do it manually by tapping on the application icon that appears at the top of the screen. Now, you can send the message.

Delete apps suggested by Siri

WhatsApp icon

It is possible that, when switching from app to WhatsApp, you have seen a list with other services that do not really support sending messages, clouding the selection. There’s a reason for this, and it’s the way Siri learns from our daily habits. Nevertheless, there is a way to correct it.

  1. Enter the app Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Scroll until you see Siri and Search.
  3. At the bottom of this window there will be a list of apps compatible with Siri. Find the specific ones that you don’t want to appear and enter them.
  4. Deactivate the Learn from this app. This will limit the information Siri can exchange with the service.

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