Monday, December 11, 2023

How to recover WhatsApp messages that have been deleted: this is how the new tool the company is working on works

WhatsApp developers continue to work on new features for its instant messaging platform with the aim of facilitating communication between its more than 2,000 million users around the world. On this occasion, and after testing some advances such as editing messages in real time, the company that is part of the Meta conglomerate is working on a new one that will allow us to recover WhatsApp messages that have already been deleted in a short space of time . But not that of third parties, as is obvious, but the own messages that we have been able to delete by mistake.

This has been announced by the specialized platform WABetaInfo in his web page, where it offers the details of a new tool that could soon come to WhatsApp. After accessing one of the preliminary phases of the application, this time for Android, those responsible for this channel have shared some details of what could come soon to the instant messaging platform. All this through various screenshots, in which we can see how this new option offered by WhatsApp will work.

So we can recover a message after deleting it

Before telling you how to recover a deleted message, it is important that you know how messages are deleted within the platform. If you have a mobile phone with an iOS operating system (iPhone), you just have to keep your finger pressed on the message and tap on the ‘Delete’ option in the menu. Next, WhatsApp will give you two options: delete for all Y delete for me. By clicking on the first of these options, the message will disappear both for you and the person who had received it, who will see a notice that the message has been deleted. Meanwhile, to delete a message on Android, you just have to keep your finger pressed on the message you want to delete, and click on the trash can icon to later hit delete for all.

Now that you know how to delete a message, let’s try to recover it. As announced by the platform specializing in WhatsApp issues, every time we delete a message, an option will appear that will allow us to reverse the situation in a space of just a few seconds. In other words, it is a tool for those who have been confused and want to recover a message as soon as they delete it. In this way, and if you have sent a message only for yourself and it has been visible to the rest of the people, you may be interested in recovering it to delete it before all the ingredients of the chat.

The new feature does not yet have a release date

Therefore, no, you still won’t be able to recover deleted messages from third parties from the platform itself, although it is true that there are other ways and applications that could help you do it. Since this feature is still under development, at the moment it is not known when it will arrive on the instant messaging platform. However, since it is a minor update, it should not take too long to reach the platform either, because it is quite easy to implement.

Therefore, and if you were one of those who thought that WhatsApp was going to enable an option to be able to read messages from third parties once deleted, at the moment this type of action is not contemplated because that is its objective. In case you want to know what that message said, you just have to ask for it. If for any reason he doesn’t want to tell you, don’t insist because he won’t help you achieve anything.


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