Monday, December 11, 2023

How to make children use smart devices safely?

A home with smart devices can facilitate many domestic tasks but implies a lot of responsibility when having children.

Therefore, we leave the following Steps for the ones minors they can sail on the devices Threw out of alexa without them accessing content not suitable for their age or to prevent them from making unwanted purchases.

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With Amazon kids the parental control function is accessed through ‘Parent Dashboard’, where the child’s profile is created and which skills the child can have access to. Among the benefits of this application, it is allowed to set a time limit, review its activity and more.

Steps to set up Echo devices:

  1. in the app alexaenter the option “More”
  2. Select the option “My profile and family”
  3. Identifies the option “Add another person” and assign the name of your son either daughter
  4. Once you have created the profileselect it again to configure as a profile childish in option “Parental Controls”
  5. From this option, you can configure the weather what can use the devicesthe contents what can watch and more. Check all the options Y set it up as you prefer

With this configuration, the smallest members of the household will be able to enjoy the benefits of a smart home with content according to their age and in a safe manner. You can discover more about Alexa in this links.


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