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How to know if the AirPods you are wearing are yours

Introduced in 2017, the AirPods have become one of the most recognizable Apple products. It is common to see someone wearing them in their ears while walking, running or traveling on public transport. And with so many in use around us, it is inevitable to ask: is it possible identify some AirPods at a glance and thus avoid possible confusion?

Obviously, if you just bought them, you will know which model of AirPods you have in your hands. Or in your ears. Or in her charging case. But if it’s a gift or you’ve had them for a long time, you may have a hard time remembering if they are first, second or third generation, Pro or Max. Not only that. If you live with more people, would you know how to identify your AirPods and differentiate them from others?

The question may seem silly, but It would not be the first time that someone confuses a jacket, a bag or a phone. And that in the latter case you can look at the home screen and see if it has your custom background or someone else’s. But with some AirPods this is not the case. Unless you have made an engraving, they are identical.

Fortunately, there are several ways to find out if the AirPods you are wearing they are your property or you have confused them with someone else’s. Let’s see how.

The importance of the model number

Normally, there is no problem in identifying your AirPods if you always keep them in its charging case. or if you have them linked to your iPhone via Bluetooth connection. But it can happen that, at home, in class or at work, two or more people have the same type of AirPods and the unthinkable happens.

Whether this is your case or simply if you want know which model of AirPods you have in your hands, the key is in the model number. Each pair of AirPods has its own identification number. Just like any Apple device you buy or own. Knowing this number will help you obtain information about your warranty, if you need to repair it or about the year of manufacture.

AirPods models and model numbers:

  • 1st Generation AirPods (introduced in 2017): A1523, A1722
  • 2nd Generation AirPods (introduced in 2019): A2032, A2031
  • 1st Generation AirPods Pro (introduced in 2019): A2084, A2083
  • AirPods Max (introduced in 2020): A2096
  • 3rd Generation AirPods (introduced in 2021): A2565 and A2564
  • 2nd Generation AirPods Pro (introduced in 2022): A2931, A2699 and A2698

Identify your AirPods from your iPhone

First way to find the model number of your AirPods: through pairing with your iPhone. Easy as go to Settings > Bluetooth either Settings > your AirPods. On versions prior to iOS 14, you may have to go the route Settings > General > Information.

Once in bluetooth, you will see a list of paired devices. Click on the information icon next to the name of your AirPods and you will see a series of important data such as model name, model number, serial number, etc. Resolved.

One clue that the AirPods you are wearing are not yours is that your iPhone it will ask you to link them like you did for the first time. Something that shouldn’t be necessary. It is also possible that you will see on the screen a message of the type You’re wearing an AirPod device as if it were the first time detects those AirPods.

AirPods Pro 2

Identify AirPods with charging case

Another way to find out if the AirPods you are wearing are yours is via charging case. Please note that both devices They are linked. And although you can use another charging case to charge the battery of your AirPods, according to official Apple support, if you do that as is, the status light will flash amber. This occurs when the charging case and AirPods they are not paired. It could be a specific error or it could be a different AirPods or charging case.

On charging case status light remember these possibilities:

  • flashing white light: Appears when you press the pairing button.
  • Green light: the case is charged. If there are AirPods inside, they are charged.
  • amber light: means that the case and/or AirPods have a low battery.
  • flashing amber light: There is a pairing problem between the case and AirPods.
The text engraved on your AirPods will help you identify them

Find the model number on AirPods

If you don’t have your iPhone handy and you only have AirPods, they themselves will give you the information what do you need. No need to ask Siri. Your AirPods have the serial numbers written on them as well as other corresponding data and symbols. He model number it’s in the first line of text at the bottom of the AirPod. On AirPods Max, you’ll find that text below the left ear cup.

The serial number is used to differentiate any Apple product

What if I need the serial number?

Model numbers are used to identify the AirPods model. But if the confusion is between two AirPods that have the same model number, things get complicated. So you have to look at the serial number. The latter difference each unit of device from the rest.

There are several ways to find it. We saw the first one before, from your iPhone. Going to Settings > Bluetooth and entering the information menu of your AirPods, you will see the serial number among other information of interest. If you have linked your AirPods to a Mac, you will find its serial number in System Settings > AirPods.

You will also find the serial number in it charging case of your AirPods. That is why you have to always keep them in their case. And in the case of AirPods Max, the serial number is also on the left pad.

Lastly, the serial number to identify your AirPods as well appears in the original box in which the headphones came. If you are one of those who keep the boxes as a souvenir or just in case, on a sticker you will see the model number and the serial number.

Charging cases for AirPods have differences inside and out

Identify the charging case for your AirPods

And if what you need to find out is the charging case model? Some people put stickers on it to differentiate it from the rest. Or, directly, ask Apple to record something. But the normal thing is that all charging cases look very similar on the outside. A problem similar to the one we have had to identify AirPods.

Apple’s official support page says that to “find out which AirPods charging case you have, use the status light location and other details. Let’s see what details it refers to:

  • Lightning charging case. Introduced in 2017. Model number A1602. You can use it with 1st and 2nd Generation AirPods. They are taller than they are wide status light is inside the case and the serial number It’s at the bottom of the lid. At the bottom of the case you have a Lightning connector.
  • wireless charging case. Introduced in 2019. Model number A1938. You can use it with 1st and 2nd Generation AirPods. They are identical to the original charging case but with the status light out. He serial number It’s at the bottom of the lid. At the bottom of the case you have a Lightning connector.
  • AirPods Pro Charging Case. Introduced in 2019. Model number A2190. Exclusive to AirPods Pro. It is wider than it is tall. The status light is on the front. It has a Lightning connector at the bottom. He serial number it is at the bottom of the cover and usually ends with 0C6L or LKKT.

The latest charging cases

  • MagSafe Charging Case for AirPods Pro. Introduced in 2021. Model number A2190. Identical to the previous charging case. The difference is in the serial numberwhich usually ends in 1059 or 1NRC.
  • MagSafe charging case for 3rd Generation AirPods. Introduced in 2021. Model number A2566. It is narrower than previous charging cases. you will find the serial number at the bottom of the lid.
  • Lightning charging case for 3rd Generation AirPods. Introduced in 2022. Model number A2897. In appearance, identical to the previous case but without wireless charging.
  • MagSafe Charging Case for 2nd Generation AirPods Pro. Introduced in 2022. Model number A2700. Wider than narrow. It differs from other cases by its external speaker to indicate the charge and status of the battery.
With the Find My app, you can find any Apple device linked to your Apple ID

Find your lost AirPods

Once we have reviewed all the ways to identify your AirPods, know what model they are and do the same with the charging case, we have to find out what happens if you can’t find your AirPods. It is something that can easily happen, since they are wireless headphones and they can fall or we can leave them in one place out of its charging case.

Apple has thought about it from the beginning, so if you can’t find your lost AirPods you have the help of the application Look for. It is free and available on your iPhone and iPadalthough you can download it if you don’t have it installed. It is also present on Mac, Apple Watch and on the iCloud website. And it works for any Apple device. linked to your Apple ID.

To find AirPods from the Search app you will need have them linked to your iPhone and your Apple ID. Thus, once the application is open, you can ask it to play a sound in your headphones. If they are close, you will hear it instantly. Or that he gives you his approximate location if you forgot them in a cafeteria or at a friend’s house.

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