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How to get my FAN ID to be able to attend soccer matches in Mexico?

The MX League officially informed that as of this April 20 it will be mandatory to have the FAN ID For all those fans who wish to attend a First Division, Expansion League, Women’s League or Mexican National Team match.

The foregoing is due to the fact that, after the violent events that occurred on March 5, 2022 during the duel between Querétaro and Atlas at the Corregidora Stadium, the authorities of the League intend to control the people who access the properties in case there is some kind of incident.

This measure began to be implemented from the Opening 2022 in each of the country’s stadiums; However, after almost a year, it will be mandatory to have your registration if you want to attend a professional soccer match in the country, so below, we tell you what it is and how to register.

It is a digital identification document that is used to control people who mainly attend mass events.

It is important to mention that in Mexico, the bimedical data of the fans is protected by the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), so it will only be necessary to resort to the identification data of some fan. “to carry out identity verifications when required by the person who owns the data”.

From your mobile device you will have to enter the page and on said platform, you must click on the link Incode ID Wallet.

Once there, you must click on register and provide your information such as cell phone number, where you will be sent a six-digit code to continue with your registration.

Subsequently, you must scan your official identification (INE, Passport and/or driver’s license). Once this step is done, you must take a selfie without glasses, cap or face mask.

After this, you must verify that your data such as date of birth, CURP and address are correct, in addition to providing an email.

Finally, a QR code will be generated that will serve as access to any stadium, so it will not be necessary to register on more than one occasion.


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