Wednesday, September 27, 2023

How to find out who blocked me on WhatsApp: the easiest way to find out

There has been a lot of talk recently on the networks about the blockades in WhatsAppsome say they do not hesitate to block someone if it is bothering them a lot, while others think that it is a very drastic measure, the truth is that anyone can be the target of a block and never find out, that is why we explain today how to know who has blocked you

As in many other social networks and instant messaging applications, the blocking function is used to defend against people who pose a danger to your account or your virtual security, as well as to get rid of those who take it personally to harass others. so it is a tool that is currently widely used, especially in WhatsApp.

With this simple step by step you can have a list of the people who have blocked you on WhatsApp

The first thing to know about this method is that it involves the use of a third-party application, recently WhatsApp has been declaring war on this type of application, but this one in particular has not yet been pointed out, so it can be used with peace of mind. As long as it’s short.

– To start the process you must search for the application whatsapp plus and download the APK. Since it is not found in the Play Store or the App Store, you must search for it on the web. After having installed the application, we recommend that you make a backup of WhatsApp, after doing so you can open WhatsApp Plus.

– Once you have opened this application, you must go to one of the upper corners (depending on the device) and look for the icon of the three points, several options will be displayed and you must go to plus featuresthis will open a new menu where you will see a lot of other options, but you have to look for the button Who blocked you?.

– After pressing the option Who blocked you? You will have access to a list of people who have blocked you since you used that WhatsApp account, you will be able to see each person in detail and when they blocked you, as well as an update on the last thing they have done.

With this method you will have full access to what has happened with those who have blocked you, we recommend that, if you will not use WhatsApp Plus for anything else, you delete it from your device.


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