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How to extend the useful life of our electronic devices?

Today, electronic and mobile devices are part of our daily routine, since we use them to work, manage personal and work affairs and more. But many people forget that, if they want to enjoy them as long as possible, they must take certain care to extend their durability. In addition, extending the useful life of our devices contributes greatly to the preservation of the environment.

According to the study published by the European Economic and Social Committee on the impact of the Circular Economy on consumption, if the useful life of technological equipment is extended for one year, CO₂ emissions for the next decade could be reduced by 29 % and 43% if it is extended by two.

That is why from Belkin, a technology company, its specialists give us the following advice that we must follow to extend the useful life of our electronic devices:

Choosing good protection for the electronic devices we use the most

In the current market we find a high range of covers and protective glasses for our mobile devices, which are a key element when it comes to protecting them. The screen is one of the most exposed and delicate elements of these devices, which is why it must have a protective glass to prevent it from breaking or scratching and to make this protection possible, it is important to choose the best quality.

Belkin’s SCREENFORCE TemperedGlass line of products are made with Japanese chemically engineered tempered glass, and UltraGlass offers unmatched 0.21mm protection that’s 2x stronger than tempered glass.


In addition, it preserves the original sensitivity of the device, one of the main concerns of users when adding these products to their devices. SCREENFORCE™ screen protector with UltraGlass treatment provides top-of-the-line protection to minimize impact damage. With the new SCREENFORCE TemperedGlass for iPad it’s also easy to keep your screen as pristine and protected as the first day, plus it’s compatible with Apple Pencil, making it easy to take notes or design without problems.

Correctly charge electronic devices

Currently, nickel batteries were replaced by ion ones, which caused the elimination of the memory factor, for which we had to wait for our battery to fully discharge before connecting it to the charger, according to Xataka Móvil. Now, with this new technology, it is important to consider the charge cycles and lifespan of lithium-ion batteries, their temperature, charge rates, and other factors that affect their aging.

It is best to reduce the battery to 20% before starting to charge the phone again, and try to stop charging when it reaches around 80%. This will ensure you maximize the performance of your device’s battery and avoid additional power recharges. Also, unplugging the device from the charger once the phone reaches 100% battery is a best practice. If you keep the phone plugged in beyond 100%, the battery capacity may decrease.


Another recommendation to charge the devices is to use a quality charger that is preferably compatible with your devices, since each one is designed for a specific voltage and current. Sometimes devices don’t always accommodate a generic charger, and while using it shouldn’t affect the life of your battery, chargers designed for your devices will offer a more optimized charge.

In the market we also find charger offers that allow us to have a more organized charging or work space, such as the Boost Charge pro GaN charger with 4 ports and 180 W that allows us to charge a MacBook Pro at full speed or quickly charge an iPhone and an iPad while powering the battery of two additional devices simultaneously. In addition to this, the main advantage of GaN technology, compared to other standards, is that it is more efficient than conventional silicon chipsets and has the ability to reduce conversion losses.

In addition, it is important to use high-quality products that are certified and rigorously tested to ensure that it is durable, safe and fully compatible, such as the Boost Charge 5K Wireless Magnetic Charger + Portable Wireless Stand provides a safe wireless charging power of 7.5 W to your latest iPhone 14 device with no wires or need to connect to a power source, which helps you charge your phone in other different places like away from home or office.

Taking care of the environment of our electronic devices

Finally, to further extend the life of your devices, it is recommended to keep the equipment on smooth surfaces to allow proper ventilation circulation, so surfaces such as the bed or sofa should be avoided, and places where it can overheat or out of direct sunlight.


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