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How to disable Windows Defender on your computer

Windows Defender is one of the applications that includes the ecosystem of the operating system, and even for Mac. It is about a security feature built in by Microsoft to prevent and protect users from malicious or potentially dangerous software. For this reason, every time this tool detects a dangerous file, it will put it in quarantine so that it does not infect the computer.

However, it is still an extra feature of Windows, and you might find yourself multiple reasons to disable it on your computer. For this reason, today we are going to guide you step by step so that you can achieve it in a matter of minutes.

Disabling Windows Defender is faster than it seems. Although Microsoft has been working hard on integrating this feature into its operating system; they also offer an easy way for us to get rid of it if necessary.

How to disable Windows Defender?

Windows Defender
Windows Defender

To disable Windows Defender just go into system settings. Here inside you can modify certain sections of the security of the operating system and, of course, adapted to your interests.

The first thing you should do is go to windows security. There are several methods to enter here.

  • From the taskbar: You can do this by clicking the application icon on the taskbar.
  • With the search engine operating system: a second option is to write windows security in the search bar.
  • From Settings: the third method is to enter directly from the application Setting of the operating system, click Privacy & Security and later in windows security.

Once you have entered, follow this procedure:

  1. Enter to Virus and Threat Protection.
  2. In front of you you will see a list of options. scroll to Virus and threat protection settings And enter.
  3. You will see several switches, each one under its own section.
  4. The one we need to disable to turn off Windows Defender is the option Real-time protection.

This procedure will disable Windows Defender on your computer. Please note that the layer of protection created by Microsoft will not be able to protect your device, so during this time you will find yourself exposed to potential viruses and threats.

Fortunately, if you want to activate it again to restore the protection shield, just follow the steps above and activate Real-time protection. This should leave everything exactly as it was before.


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