Friday, September 22, 2023

How to delete your Twitter account to move to Threads

It is an irrefutable fact. Twitter is no longer what it was, particularly since Elon Musk bought the social network and that is very likely to have become a factor of great weight for more than one user to be thinking about whether or not it will be worth leaving a platform that is progressively looking for how to charge its users.

Leaving a social network that has been inhabited for years is generally a delicate and important decision. But the truth is that Elon has made it relatively easy to get into this kind of dilemma and decide to make the leap. Everything that the tycoon did to gradually and gradually blow up a social network that for years remained an obligatory reference worldwide is widely documented.

Musk originally bought Twitter (almost by force) for the exorbitant sum of USD $44 billion but practically from the moment he took the reins that value plummeted.

Today, different media firms consider that Twitter could be worth what it originally cost Elon and it was just at that juncture that Threads emerged, a clone of the blue bird social network that reminds us of Jack’s old glory days. Dorsey.

So now is the right time to frankly consider jumping ship.

How to delete your Twitter account

First of all, as it would be obvious to guess, there is no direct and automated way to delete your Twitter account permanently. It’s more of a phased process with enough time in between to change your mind.

The first step is then to deactivate the account. By doing so, our username and feed will no longer be visible and will represent the prelude to the elimination of everything. Of course, if a login is made during a specific reactivation period, the account will still be usable.

But if we leave the matter there once the reactivation period ends, any other interested party may use the abandoned username, permanently deleting everything there.

Twitter Logo

In any case, we recommend making a backup copy of our account information in case changes appear. If the decision is made then just follow these steps:

1. Open the Twitter app or go to

2. Touch the profile image.

3. Choose the Settings and privacy option and select your account.

4. Tap on the Deactivate your account section

5. Choose the reactivation period: 30 days or 12 months.

6. Read the disclaimer and select the Deactivate option

7. Enter the password and follow the final prompts to complete the process.

Once the chosen period ends, the Twitter account will be deleted and cannot be recovered.


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