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How to create channels on WhatsApp: step-by-step guide

WhatsApp channels arrived a couple of weeks ago, becoming one of the most interesting new features in the app. However, until now they seemed to be aimed only at companies and celebrities with large audiences, and whose followers were interested in subscribing to their channels. Now, a new report from WABetaInfo announces that soon You can also create your own, even if you are not famous.

Although precise information is not yet known, WhatsApp users in Singapore and Colombia were the first to test the channel creation system. Starting with iOS version 23.20.76, this function has also been seen among other people, even those located outside the aforementioned regions.

How do you know if you can also generate a WhatsApp channel? Well, until now, It’s as simple as going to the iOS App Store and updating your application. If you are one of those selected, then you should be able to see the new option.

How to create your own WhatsApp channel in a few steps

At the moment, this feature seems to be available only for WhatsApp users on iOS. For this reason, if you can’t create your own channels from Android, You will have to wait for the company to roll out the feature to this family of mobile devices. In case you are trying it from an iPhone and still don’t see the button, you will also have to wait a bit until the functionality comes to you.

To create your own WhatsApp channels from iOS, you just have to do the following:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iOS device.
  2. Go to the tab state. Scroll to the bottom, where the section will appear Channels.
  3. Touch the cross next to Channels and a context menu will open. If you have the feature enabled, you will see the option Create Channel.
  4. Tap on it and follow the steps that WhatsApp shows you on the screen.

Hereinafter you just have to get people to join your WhatsApp channel. To do this, you just have to share the link on the internet. If all goes well, you’ll soon have a community waiting for your messages.

What are Channels

Although it is a quite popular feature on other platforms, Many WhatsApp users may not know what a channel is exactly.. Well, until now, if you wanted to receive information through WhatsApp, it was necessary to participate in a group. The problem is that, in this type of conversations, there are many people, and very few restrictions when sending messages, so sometimes you could end up losing your way, entering into circular conversations or being the target of spam.

What WhatsApp channels do is create a common space for all people interested in a specific topic. Thus, can receive news, announcements and updates unidirectionallywhere the rest of the users cannot respond to messages as happens in a group.

On Instagram, Meta has also launched this function, although under the name of broadcast channels. From there, each content creator can have their own and share all the news with their followers without being bombarded by messages.

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