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How to apply online to vote by mail for the July 23 elections

On July 23, the Spanish are once again called to vote at the polls. And no matter how much it is summer, long weekend and holidays, you will not be able to get rid of being at a polling station if it is your turn. However, what you can do from now on ands request a vote by mail and thus be able to vote regardless of whether or not you get caught on vacation.

Although the vote-by-mail process began on May 30, it was not until today that the Post Office launched the process to request a vote by mail electronically.

Requesting a vote online has some advantages, and the most important is that you only have to go to the Post Office once to deposit your vote, instead of having to go to request it, pick it up and vote. The process to request a vote by mail over the Internet is very simple, however, we inform you in advance: you will need to have a digital certificate or DNI-e to start the process. In addition, it is mandatory that have AutoFirma installed on your computer.

This means that, for the moment, doing it from the mobile is much more complicated. Since the AutoFirma app does not work entirely well on Android, and on iOS it has not been updated for several months and in our tests it has not worked correctly either, so as with any administration process, you must arm yourself with patience and, our advice, do the process from Firefox.

That being said, the process to request a vote by mail is very simple once the pitfalls of digital signatures and electronic certificates are overcome.

It is necessary to have an Electronic DNI certificate or a valid digital certificate (how to request it?). If you have either one, the steps are very simple:

  • Enter the Special website of the Post Office for the July 2023 elections.
  • Click on request to vote by mail (it is the only option offered)
  • A new window will open that will offer two options: submit or consult. Choose “submit your vote-by-mail application via the web”.
  • Fill in all the required fields.
  • Once all the fields are completed, the system will automatically ask you to sign it electronically (hence the fact that selfsignature must be installed on your computer).
  • Once you sign the application with selfsignature Your application will be submitted and you will be able to download a copy:

However, it is not an automatic process. As confirmed by Correos, the Electoral Census Office must approve the request, so that it sends you, to the address you indicated in your request, the documentation to vote.

Deadline for submitting the application

It can be requested from the date of the call and up to July 13, 2023, included. Once you receive the vote, you can deliver it to any Post Office. Do not forget the ID. has deadline to deposit the envelope with your vote until July 19, 2023.

Can everyone vote by mail?

Yes, in principle, all Spaniards who have the right to vote (who are not limited for criminal reasons, for example), can request to vote by mail. Of course, keep in mind that Once the application is submitted via the web, if it is accepted by the Electoral Census Office, you will not be able to vote at the polling station on voting day.

The only ones who will not be able to request a vote by mail are residents of Spain who are temporarily abroad. Nor by voters residing abroad who request it from their country of residence.

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