Monday, December 4, 2023

How much money does Spain earn for winning the 2023 Women’s World Cup?

The first women’s soccer world cup is already in the windows of the Spanish selection. In Australia-New Zealand they were proclaimed champions of the world Cup for the first time in its history.

A goal from Olga Carmona, at the edge of the first third of the game, tipped the balance towards Spain over the ‘lionesess’ (1-0). The team led by Jorge Vila held the slightest advantage for the rest of the match to achieve the highest award for our players.

The victory in the 2023 World Cup also makes us ask some questions, one of them, How much money does Spain earn for winning the 2023 Women’s World Cup?. Here we reveal it to you below.

FIFA announced prior to the world championship the commitment to pay a total of 152 million dollars, just over 137 million eurosdistributed among all the teams and players that participated in Australia-New Zealand.

Now, the Spanish team with the greatest achievement in its history, each player will receive a total of 248,197.50 euros. The amounts are as follows: 70,000 euros for reaching the quarterfinals, around 150,000 euros for playing in the semifinals and almost 180,000 euros for qualifying for the final.

In addition to a bonus of 15,000 euros that the RFEF grants to each player for family commitments and travel.


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