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How much is Malaga CF worth?

The turnover of the Malaga during the 2022/23 season it amounted to 16,995,000 eurosbut according to the most pessimistic estimates of the club after consummating the relegation with one game to go, losses of about ten million euros are looming, the club’s judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, confirmed on Tuesday.

The Malaga will lose 6.5 million euros of audiovisual rightsforesees a “bad scenario” in the sale of tickets and subscriptions and, although the forecast is that there will not be a large loss in store, yes has planned “only 200,000 euros of sponsorship”for which Muñoz assumes that the club will leave “with a turnover of around seven million euros”.

For this reason, the new reality they are facing forces an internal restructuring that is already underway and where the first stone of the new project has already been laid this Thursday: the former player and director of Real Sociedad, Loren Juarros, as new sports director

The judicial administrator of the club, since 2020 in office and who will continue until the judge, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, maintains it, confirmed without giving names or number of those affected on dismissal of several workers from different departments, in what would be another employment regulation file (ERE) like the one that happened in the pandemic, where about 50 people came out counting players and employees.

Image of the presentation of Loren as sports director of Málaga CF.

descent aid

On an economic level, the abandonment of First and Second professional football to land in the federative First will have a cushion of help to relegation of 4.25 million euros, of which 1.25 are non-refundable and the other three would have to be returned in the event of promotion to the Second Division.

Despite the fact that such help is welcome to stop the coup, the truth is that Málaga estimates to have, in the worst case, a budget of about two million euros for the preparation of the squad, although the RFEF’s idea of ​​implementing a salary limit has not yet materialized, as occurs in LaLiga.

A new era appears in the Andalusian club, which in sports will focus its project on the quarry, which will be the “cornerstone”as Loren Juarros stressed in his presentation, although the sports city, called La Academia, is still under construction and the first phase has just finished.

These are the figures that show the sporting failure of a club that this 2022-23 season promised to fight for promotion and ended up doing the opposite, due to mediocre sports planning, improvable management and a squad that did not meet expectations.

The sale of the club, in the hands of the sheikh

How much is Malaga worth? It is a question that not a few will have asked themselves, because the truth is that there are many interested parties: “Of course, there is interest in buying Málaga. There are people who have a closed agreement and have exchanged contracts, they have shown me those documents”, says José María Muñoz, who even so, prefers to be cautious: “I believe very little about what they tell me”.

The problem is the judicial situation, with the owner of 51 percent of the shares and therefore still owner of the entity, Abdullah Al Thani, separated by the courts, investigated together with his sons Nasser, Nayef and Rakkan, for the alleged crimes of misappropriation, money laundering and unfair administration.

Al Thani is committed to his immobility, he has made it clear on several occasions, almost all of them on the social network Twitter, where he normally expresses himself: “Málaga is not for sale”.

A few months ago, the interest of Nasser Al-Khelaifi, owner of PSG and the investment group Qatar Sports Investments, in buying Málaga, came to the forefront of the world. an intention that still stands despite the relegation to First RFEF.

But as the receiver says and everyone who closely follows the team knows, Málaga will be sold as long as the sheikh wants to do it or is guilty of said crimes that facilitate the future of the entity.

For now, on paperthe last appraisal of the club prepared in 2021 by an expert report ruled that Malaga has a value of 45,747,911 euros.

But that estimate It was based on counting on Málaga being in the First Division, with the income from television rights referring to what the club would enter and not as an entity that has just descended to the third category of national football. Málaga is surely no longer worth close to 50 million, but as long as the judicial impasse continues, few buyers can rest easy.


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