Do you have an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro and want to know how much does it cost to repair the screen in case of breakage? Fortunately, Apple is very transparent about repair prices, and it’s easy to find out. through its website. In this way, the user can know the approximate cost before taking it to the technical service or even know how much they would save if they contracted Apple Care+.

Find the iPhone 14 screen repair costHowever, it can be somewhat complicated, as Apple has many technical support sections on its website. On the page, moreover, it is not possible to see a detailed list of the four new models or, even, Easily compare repair prices against your predecessors. Therefore, if you want to easily know how much it costs to fix the screen of the new iPhone models, and the rest of the details, continue reading.


If you don’t have Apple Care+, the company’s insurance that allows unlimited damage repair at a much lower cost. In fact, repairing the screen of the new iPhone 14 can cost you a minimum of 338 euros, or a maximum of 389 euros in the case of the largest and most powerful model in the new range, the Pro Max model. These are the prices of the four versions.

  • iPhone 14: 338.99 euros.
  • iPhone 14Plus: 405 euros.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 405 euros.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 489 euros.

With Apple Care+, on the other hand, the cost of the repair is 29 euros in all cases. You must take into account, yes, that it is also necessary to pay a monthly fee for the plan, whose price is about 13 euros per month or 250 euros.

Repairing the iPhone 14 screen will be more expensive than repairing the iPhone 13 screen in some cases

iPhone 14

The screen repair prices of the new iPhone 14 are, in some cases, higher than those of the iPhone 13. For example, repairing a broken front glass of the iPhone 14 Pro costs 405 euros if you do not have Apple Care +, while that fix the same damage in the 13 Pro, it costs 338.99 euros. It is also cheaper to repair the screen of the 13 Pro Max (405 euros) compared to this year’s Pro Max (489 euros).


Interestingly, if the back of the iPhone 14 breaks, repairing it will be cheaper than last year’s models. This is thanks to the redesign of the interior of the new models, which allows the rear to be removed without the need to touch any other component, so the cost of the materials —and, therefore, the cost of the repair— is lower. You can check how much it costs to repair the back of new Apple smartphones here.