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How hair is grown on the head, how much pain is there?, Daya of CID got hair transplant done

Dayanand Shetty Hair Transplant Experience: Everyone has this desire that they look different and special in the crowd of people. Especially people associated with acting pay a lot of attention to their looks. Along with their clothes, their hair looks also matter a lot for the stars. But just think if someone does not have hair on his head then what would he do? This is the biggest tension for any actor. TV’s Daya also faced something similar, after which she adopted a special method.

Dayanand Shetty did hair transplant

Actor Dayanand Shetty, who ruled TV for years, was also in tension due to lack of hair on his head. In such a situation, he resorted to hair transplant. What difficulties Daya had to face in getting hair transplant and how was her experience, she has also shared it with her fans, which will be helpful for you too.

How was Daya’s hair transplant experience?

Sharing the experience of her hair transplant, Daya said- Many people scare about hair transplant that there is a lot of pain, swelling comes, but I do not have swelling. The pain that occurred after hair transplant has reduced in 20-21 days, but there is still a slight numbness in the area where hair transplant has been done.

The actor said that he has now stopped taking medicines. In between, he has mild pain in his head. But if by mistake something hits the head, then a very bad pain starts.

Daya said that on the third and fourth day after the hair transplant, there was a slight swelling near her eyes, but nothing happened on the rest of her face. He said that now after a month if he sees some changes, he will definitely share them with his fans.

Who is Dayanand Shetty?
Dayanand Shetty aka Daya is a big name in the world of TV. Dayanand Shetty has got special recognition as Daya in CID. He became famous in every household. He has got immense love from the audience with CID. Many mimes also remain viral on the day they are brought.

Apart from this show, Dayanand Shetty has also appeared in Khatron Ke Khiladi. He was seen in the 5th season of the Khatron Ke Khiladi show. He had put his life in every stunt in the show, but he could not win the show. However, the love of Daya’s fans is always great for her, she rules the hearts of the fans.


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