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Honor democratizes technology with its powerful smartphones

How would you define the HONOR brand?

— We are an iconic global brand in technology in the international arena that offers products for all centennials, a total ecosystem that is present in all parameters. The intention is to deliver technology to everyone, to democratize it, that consumers have a differentiated, tall, robust product, also in design and that means a total solution.

They are now an independent brand…

— We launched HONOR 50 and HONOR 50 Lite in November 2021, which gave us the possibility of having a mobile phone for the first time independently of the history we shared with Huawei. We had an immediate response and it left us with a good experience seeing that the community is interested in devices that solve and are visually attractive, design is more important than it might seem.

Tell us about the new releases

— Extraordinary is the word that will delimit the entire process and the DNA of our campaign and what HONOR X8 does is deliver a product elegant and extraordinary, highly aesthetic, slim, 7.45 mm thick. Our engineers were thinking how to make something that’s equally beautiful and portable, so we could make improvements to the brackets, to the processor, which meant we could make it 10% thinner versus previous versions.

What are users looking for in a phone?

— We are seeing that users are interested and consuming videos on their streaming platforms and social networks. In a market investigation we found that the X8 may be interesting for the female community although it is balanced with the male community, it is very neutral because it can be liked by one and the other. We are integrating three colors: sidereal silver, which when exposed to light takes on different shades; sapphire blue, which gives it a deeper and more attractive touch and; obsidian black, which is elegance at all times.

Something that they also bet on is fast charging…

— We are integrating a fast charge of 22.5 W that is almost immediate, in approximately 10 minutes we would be charging around three hours of use and this coupled with a Snapdragon 680 processor, an advanced 6nm processor makes the product efficient, not only in the part of charging performance but also in greater efficiency in the use of the screen and so that it does not heat up. We added a Turbo RAM with which we are doing a memory expansion, so you can have several applications open at the same time and their performance will be very efficient. We can find another offer on the market, however, the issue of efficiency is what sets us apart.

Is the camera also another of its attractions?

— We have a 64 MP main camera, but we integrate other variables and one of them is the ability to do Dual View with the video camera, that is, you can use the front and rear cameras and record all the moments and impressions at the same time or have the same image with two different aspects.

How do they connect with their consumers?

— We have tried to be very close, finally, we live for the needs that they represent to us. So we do communication in different ways, one that has to do with a closer conversation through the social media and of the digital platforms where we are, both those of HONOR and those we have with our business partners. We invite you to the presentations of the brand, it is a unidirectional and constant conversation telling you about what are the promotions that you can find and Through our Facebook page, which is our main line of business, we have a very open dialogue with our more than 600,000 followers., in the case of Instagram there are around 60 thousand and in Tik Tok, which is the one that is growing the most, there are already 35 thousand followers. And the other level has more to do with the conversation we have in the store. Today we have a very large group of sales consultants who explain the product in detail based on experience, beyond asking the customer how much money they have to buy a phone, we ask what needs they want to cover.

Do you consider that you are quickly positioning yourself in the market?

— In terms of brand recognition, this has been reflected, at the end of 2021 compared to 2020, HONOR grew 11 percentage points and we realize that today the community begins to have us more in mind and recognize who we are, all accompanied by the platforms where we have presence and above all, in the trust that we are generating in the HONOR ecosystem.


– It is the newest member of the HONOR X Series, bringing an exquisitely slim and elegant design, a large screen with super-narrow bezels, exceptional photography capabilities, and powerful performance that exceeds expectations.

– It was designed with an ultra-thin and light body, with a thickness of only 7.45mm and a weight of 177g. It fits comfortably in users’ hands and can be carried in small bags, so users never feel uncomfortable.

– 64MP Quad Camera, including 64MP Ultra Clear Main Camera, 5MP Wide Angle, 2M Macro and 2M Bokeh, to deliver an exceptional photography experience, especially at night or in low light, allowing photographers to photographers capture more details than ever before.


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