Thursday, June 1, 2023

Homophobic yell could cause a two-year ban for the Mexican National Team in the US

The match between the Mexican team against the USA will be the greatest test for the moment Diego Coccabut also, it will be a vital test for the Mexican public that will meet at this meeting for the famous homophobic scream.

The U.S. Soccer warned the Mexican Soccer Federation that it will take strict measures to prevent this message from the fans from being presented, and the FMF has already ruled on it.

Through a statement, the highest body of Mexican soccer explained that they will have zero tolerance for this fact and will work together to prevent it from being present in the property. He also stressed that if the cry is presented, he will accept the punishment by the Americans.

“On the occasion of the match between the National Teams of Mexico and the United States, together with US Soccer, the FMF has worked on the design and implementation of a series of efforts and protocols aimed at preventing shouting during the preparation match at the State Farm Stadium”

“We are aware of the US Soccer Federation (USSF) policy regarding discriminatory conduct in international matches. The FMF will not tolerate any discriminatory, offensive or abusive conduct,” the statement read.

In the scenario where the United States is defeating Mexico and the furious Mexican public begins to shout this cry, the Mexican National Team will receive a sanction that could go up to a two-year ban on US soil.

It should be noted that, since it is a US Soccer initiative, this would only involve friendly matches organized by said federation, and official tournaments such as the Gold Cup or the Nations League Final Four would not be taken into account.

However, it would affect the FMF financially because he would not be able to fulfill his contract to play at least once a year in the United States.

In the next game against the United States, which will be played on Wednesday April 19 in Phoenix, Arizona.


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