Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Unicaja’s return to competition had a more than remarkable response last Saturday, because the main problem for the team of ibon navarro was to see how a back to normalto a competition as complicated as the ACB League, to another that became an important objective such as the FIBA BCLand see what modifications the season has after having obtained a success as unexpected as early.

The first bet is resolved in a more than solvent way, although the Basketball Girona It is not a team from the upper half of the table, the danger -injuries aside- was much more in their own fiefdom than in the rival. Now, after a week with three more than complicated games (both with Galatasaray and the one of UCAM Murcia), the first step for the rest of the season demands its time.

I recognize that the hopes generated by the passage of the course by this team exceed the initial and above all, they have done so much to recover a large part of the land given away in their day, which at the same time The affection that is exchanged between stands and parquet has risenthe expectations have also gone up. And the new proof of maturity that is coming now is that no one should go crazy asking for a Vega Sicily in the soda machine, they come thirst-quenching luxury, but have known limitations.

The best thing is that the template has given a more than adequate sample in terms of ambition and desire to improve. Doesn’t look like it’s peaked yetwhich is one of the best news, not only for the remainder of the season, but because it is expected that the joys it has provided will be greater than those already obtained.

what a hypothetical Final to Four of the FIBA BCL can be held in Malaga, as there are already rumors on the subject, it would not only bring great joy to a hobby that has already shown plenty of loyalty (especially that handful of irreducibles who have endured the unbearable in practice that almost emptied the compositor fiefdom), but it is also an even greater motivation for the squad and for the club, above all, because after having been in the orbit euroleaguegives it the necessary courage, because the same thing, from within the same club, it was not properly valued to be in the first competition for so long.

Therefore, after the greatest joy of recent times, and in a situation reminiscent of the best time lived in the history of typesetter, it is not known how far what remains to be lived this year can go. And whatever it is, you have to enjoy it.

At a sweet moment, perhaps unexpected and above all things, «historical», it is necessary to qualify the one who is going to live the next morning in the fiefdom of de los angeles lakerswhen the number 16 of Pau Gasol go up to the sky of the pavilion and become part of that dozen essential next to number 33 of Kareem Abdul-Jabbaron 22 Elgin Bayloron 13 wilt chamberlainon 25 Gail Goodrichon 32 magic johnsonon 34 Shaquille O’Nealon 52 Jamaal Wilkeson 44 Jerry West, the 42nd of James Worthy and on 8 and 24 kobe ​​bryant.

That the Catalan player becomes part of that star meetingI think it is something that is not valued in its fair measure. That this shirt is not going to be worn again in a franchise as emblematic as the Californian, is Something very big. The same seems to us what she was able to do with the Spain national team and the happiness that he has brought us, with whatever shirt it is, knowing that it is going to be very difficult to repeat, so it seems fair to me to thank everything that the Catalan could offer to our sport, although at some point he hashe has touched “bear it” as the opposite.

However, we find that from the nba This recognition is given to him, it shows us that the Spanish, completing the tributes, lags behind what those who receive it deserve, and, above all, for how much we have to thank the one who at the moment, and I think that For a long time, he is the best player in the history of Spanish basketball.


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