Monday, December 4, 2023

Historic win by Antequera CF in El Palmar (0-3)

A protested penalty by Atlético Sanluqueño and the subsequent expulsion of local Rojas, upon seeing the second yellow, conditioned the first half of a historic match for Antequera CF. He scored in El Palmar to score their first victory in Primera RFEF and in the process get out of the relegation zone. Round day with which he confirmed the good feelings that has been dragging on since they tied against Recre at the Colombino, two weeks ago.

The clash at the home of the Sanluqueño team broke up after the first half hour of play, although the local Mwepu had a first chance after eight minutes. The penalty converted by Luismi took the pressure off Javi Medina’s team, aware that they were facing a team on a winning streak and the extra motivation of playing a regional derby against a rival in the relegation zone.

The Antequerans had started badly, after making their debut in the category against the affiliates of Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid. They were two setbacks that conditioned the possibility of seeing the true potential of the newly promoted. But after drawing at home against Recreativo and once again achieving a draw, with chances of winning, against an entire Castellón team, the mood had changed in a very significant way.

That joy for doing great things began to be observed as soon as the second half began, after that first maximum penalty scored by Luismi and that, in the last breath before the break, the defense had barely rejected a shot by Chema Núñez. In the 61st minute, Solano Antequera’s advantage increased due to the desperation of the stands gathered in El Palmar and after a good assist from Ale Marín.

And the other Alethis time García, with 78 minutes played, as reflected in the email, closed the victory for the Malaga team. At that moment, some local fans began to leave the facilities of Sanlúcar de Barrameda as a sign of helplessness in the face of what they were seeing.

The next match for Antequera CF will be held in El Maulí against an Atlético Baleares team that has only achieved one point in five games and closes the qualifying table. The Antequera club now has five points in its locker and is confident that next Saturday, starting at six in the afternoon, the fans will once again massively support some footballers who, like a year ago, return to hope to achieve greater heights as the months go by.


ATL. SANLUQUEÑO: Samuel Pérez; Coke, Álex Cortijo, Fernando Román (Nacho, min. 83), Joan Rojas, Álex Guti (Jeremy, min. 75); Kike Carrasco, Cordero (Crespí, min. 83), Luis Vacas (Joaquín, min. 46), Mwepu; and Airam Cabrera (Arana, min. 68).

ANTEQUERA CF: Port; David Rodríguez (Sousa, min. 75), Fomeyem, Humanes, Fermín Ruiz; Loren (Ale Marín, min. 57), Alejandro Marcelo (Pais, min. 66), Chema Núñez, Luismi (Joel Rydstrand, min. 75); Ale García and Rubén Solano (Enopka, min. 66).

GOALS: 0-1, min. 30: Luismi, penalty. 0-2, min. 61: Ruben Solano. 0-3, min. 78: Ale García.

STADIUM: The Palmar de Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz).


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