Friday, December 8, 2023

Herrera defends Memo Ochoa: “The booing turns them into good performances”

Guillermo Ochoa have a good time with him salernitanaa situation that has not gone unnoticed and media in Italy have praised the performances of the Mexican.

Added to this recognition michael herrerawho in interview with Claro Sports highlighted the level that continues to show Paco Memo at 37 years of age.

memo It continues to maintain itself at a high level, which is important and I am very pleased. I think he is still the goalkeeper that everyone knows, with a great level and a great attitude”, he mentioned.

In addition, the technical Xolos regretted the booing he received ochoa in the last juice of three in it Aztec stadium when considering them unfair; however, he believes that this represents an incentive for the aztec goalkeeper show your best version under the three poles.

“The situation he has experienced is unfortunate, but hey, that’s how people are, you have to please them. memo He has always been a very straight goalkeeper, who responds very well on the pitch. Those boos and recriminations, he knows that he turns them into good performances and with that he reverses what people say about him ”, he highlighted.

Finally, the Louse recognized that if the exporter of America maintains that level, most likely he is one of those selected to represent Mexico in it World Cup 2026.

“If he maintains that level, it could be, the truth is that I don’t know, but we are going to wait because there is a long way to go before world. Memo has remained at that level and has to maintain it to get to 2026″, she pointed out.


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