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Here’s what Streak said about the rumors of his death

The news that ‘former Zimbabwean captain Heath Streak has passed away’ spread on social media and in various media at home and abroad. But it was later revealed that Streak was not dead. He gave such news himself. Shocked and saddened by the rumors of his own death, Bangladesh’s former coach Streak.

Last May, Streak was known to be battling liver and colon cancer. He has been undergoing cancer treatment at a hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa for the past few months. In a statement at the time, Strick’s family said, “Strick is undergoing treatment under one of South Africa’s most respected oncologists for cancer.”

Streak’s death spread across the world in various media and social media today. Cricket world is saddened by such news. Former Zimbabwean pacer Henry Olonga wrote on social media Twitter about Streak’s death, ‘I got bad news, Heath Streak has passed away.’

But later Olengai said Streak is alive. He wrote, ‘I can confirm that the news of Heath Streak’s death is completely false. I just talked to him. He was brought back by the third umpire. He’s alive guys.’

Olenga also uploaded screenshots of the conversation with Streak on social media. Streak wrote there, ‘I am fully alive. Please reverse the run-out decision.’

Streak later told the Indian newspaper Mid-Day that he was alive. He said, ‘It is a rumour. I am alive and well. I am disappointed to hear such news. In this age of social media, how can such news be spread without confirmation from anyone. I think whoever spread the rumor should apologise.’

Streak made his international debut against South Africa in November 1993. He scored 216 wickets and 1990 runs in 65 Tests and 239 wickets and 2943 runs in 189 ODIs for the country. Streak also led Zimbabwe in 21 Tests and 68 ODIs. He played the last international match in 2005.

Streak then got involved in the coaching profession. From 2014 to 2016, the 49-year-old Streak also served as the bowling coach of the Bangladesh team.

(23 Aug/MM)


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