Friday, December 9, 2022

Henri Hebrard: Tax reforms will be the task of “the next government on duty”

The last three years have represented a before and after for the global economy: 2020 with the pandemic, 2021 with the recovery and 2022 with slow but progressive growth.

The high rate of inflation registered by the Dominican Republic will make it difficult for the present Government to place on the table the discussion on the necessary reforms to structure the tax system and, therefore, increase collections.

“2023 will be an election year and we definitely won’t see the government talk about reforms. That will already be the task of the next government on duty”, stressed the economist Henri Hebrard in this regard.

In this sense, the economist considers that the restrictive monetary policy will continue to be one of the predominant measures in economic matters, as well as the maintenance of subsidies to sensitive segments of the population, such as electricity and social protection.

Hebrard offered these statements during the II Economic Forum carried out by the newspaper elDinero to take stock of the performance of the Dominican economy, as well as the challenges it faces for next year, under the theme “Inflation and economic recovery, who wins the game ? the role of banks, industry and the Government”.

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