Thursday, June 1, 2023

Héctor Moreno suffers a car accident and will miss the game against Mazatlán

Monterey announced that he will lose Hector Moreno in his next duel, after he suffered a car accident this Wednesday morning.

Through a statement, striped reported that although the incident did not escalate, the central defender suffered a blow to the knee.

Consequently, the club confirmed that its footballer will not make the trip to Mazatlan for the duel of day 16 in which the Gang will face the gunboats in it Kraken.

“The club informs that Hector Moreno will not make the trip for the party that striped will hold on Mazatlan This Friday, April 21. The defense of striped He is resting at home, after having participated this Wednesday in a car accident that resulted in a blow to the knee. If the pain in the knee subsides, he will return to training next week, ”he read in the statement.


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