Saturday, September 30, 2023

“He took advantage of the fact that I was hospitalized”: Chávez Jr. denounces mistreatment of his ex-partner

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.. has been characterized by having a life full of controversies, the most recent of them, the confirmation of the separation of his wife Frida Munoz.

Through his brother’s social networks, Omar Chavezhe boxer born in Culiacán, Sinaloarevealed the reasons why he made this decision, denouncing the mistreatment received from his now ex-partner, arguing that he took advantage of his situation when he was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic.

“What he did was come home drunk and push me, he took my instagramhe took away my social networks, he is going to declare that I am going one way or another, and it is unfair to me, he is taking advantage of the circumstances that I was hospitalized, I hope he has the dignity to give me my phone, ”he mentioned he boxer through a video.

In that sense, the aztec boxer He explained that he will initiate the legal process to separate from his wife, although he made it clear that his priority is his three children.

“It seems unfair to me that a woman makes me bullying, I do not deserve it. I apologize to everyone because I do not like to talk about this, but it is not unfair to me, I already want to be with my children, ”he added.

It is important to mention that chavez jr. He was hospitalized for more than half a year to treat his drug addiction problem, a situation that has afflicted him throughout his boxing career and that has prevented him from standing out like his father did.

chavez jr and Frida Munoz They had three children, but before having a sentimental relationship with the boxer, he was a partner of Edgar Guzmanson of Joaquin El Chapo Guzmanwho lost his life in 2008 after an attack in Culiacán.


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