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He loses his Apple Watch Ultra in a lake and finds it working three months later

The Apple Watch Ultra is, to date, the firm’s most resistant watch. Not only because of its titanium finish, but also because, as the company claims, it can withstand up to 100 meters of depth. It is an important difference compared to the rest of the Apple Watch, which supports approximately 50 meters of depth, but What happens if, for example, this model is lost for months in the depths of a lake?

It is something that has happened to Amir Noorani, reader of the portal 9to5Mac —who has echoed the story— and user of an Apple Watch Ultra. Noorani explains that he lost his watch at Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. He did it, after taking a bath that ended with the Apple Watch Ultra detached from his wrist by wearing a silicone strap, which is considerably less resistant than the straps designed by the company exclusively for this model.

Given the depths of the lake – about 100 feet – Noorani gave up his Apple Watch Ultra, since he did not have diving equipment, nor is he specialized in this practice. Three months later, however, He received a call from a diver giving him the good news: they had found his watch. “I live in Los Angeles, but my brother was able to meet the diver and recover the watch,” he points out.

Can an Apple Watch Ultra last that long in water?

This is how the owner’s Apple Watch Ultra looks after three months in the depths.

Although, we reiterate, the Apple Watch Ultra supports up to 100 meters of depth, and Lake Travis has a maximum depth of 30 meters, the watch should function absolutely normally. However, a very important factor must be taken into account; the time the Apple Watch has been submerged. Three months is too long, so Noorani didn’t seem to have much hope.

The Apple Watch Ultra, in fact, did not turn on at first. But its owner claims that after leaving the watch plugged into the charger for days, worked “perfectly”, he assures. In an image shared by Noorani himself, you can see slight physical damage to the titanium frame—probably due to water corrosion—as well as the screen.

In any case, it is very good news to know that a watch of these characteristics has lasted so long in the depths of the lake. The owner himself claims that it is “a testament to Apple engineering.”

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