Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Harsh statement from the Animation Grada towards the leaders

The Málaga CF Animation Stand issued a harsh statement this Monday, hours before the appearance of Jose Maria Munoz in the press room of La Rosaleda. The writing of the blue and white fans was very critical, especially with the leaders who have led the club to leave professional football.

“To all the Cortijo,

In response to your insufficient communication on May 20, 2023, after the consummation of our team’s relegation, we tell you that we cannot accept a simple apology when, throughout the year, you have not shown any self-criticism.

Both the club and our city deserve respect, and if the leaders have not been up to the task, it is imperative that they step aside and allow other people to take the reins. Your names and surnames will be marked in the memory of each and every one of the malaguistas for the disastrous performance this season, because the culprits are not the 50 employees that you are going to fire to try to silence us, but you, that you are responsible for having eliminated Málaga CF from the map of professional football»start writing.

The announcement of the Grada de Animación is clear, it demands the “resignation or dismissal” of all the people responsible for this disaster: «In any private company, in the face of results as disastrous as those experienced this season, the resignation of each and every one of those responsible for the different areas of the club’s organizational chart would be required. Therefore, and believing in your honesty and your good faith towards Málaga, and not in the existence of any other type of hidden interests, We demand the resignation or dismissal of these people, known to all.

“We demand this, not only to bring about a change in sporting results, but also to improve transparency within the club. The fans are tired of excuses, empty promises and the lack of professionalism of those who should be their leaders.

It is time to take concrete actions, to stop wandering into decisions that, even if it is late, should have been made a long time ago. It’s time to work for return Málaga CF to professional football», concludes.

The APA also pronounces

In the afternoon it was the Association of Small Shareholders that entered the scene to announce that they are working «in a proposal for the change of the management of Málaga CF by a collegiate Commission without economic remuneration that unites all the public and private institutions of the city at a political, economic, sporting and social level”. And this is due, from his point of view, to «the failure of the one-person model of Judicial Administration that has been in charge of the club in the last three seasons and that has led to the relegation of the sports category to the 1st RFEF, which has plunged him into serious economic uncertainty by having to serve in a non-professional category.


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