Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hard lows! Tigres will arrive patched for the first leg against Rayados

The worst news for the fans of tigers seems to be confirmed by not recovering Samir Caetano of the muscular injury suffered against Puebla in the playoffs, the same story as that of Fernando Gorriaran that he will not see action in the first leg against Rayados due to a tear suffered against León in the Concachampions.

Both footballers are a key piece and indisputable holders in Robert Dante Siboldi’s scheme, so their absence means a hard blow for the cats.

In the case of the defender, in the club they still have the candles lit to be able to have him on the bench in case the Uruguayan coach sees it necessary, although it is a fact that he will not be one hundred percent.

For his part, the midfielder is totally ruled out for the first leg and the outlook also seems discouraging for the return.

The players who are shaping up to replace both players are Juan Pablo Vigón in the midfield who seems to have fallen on the right foot in the eleven and Igor Lichnovsky in the rear instead of the Brazilian.

The defense is the sector of the feline field that leaves more doubts by conceding 4 goals for Toluca in the quarterfinal phase.


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