Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Hand and pass in the Queen’s Cup for Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal in Villacañas (1-5)

Victory and advance to the round for Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal on their visit to the Villacañas Multipurpose Pavilion. The Malaga team won with notable superiority against a tough Villacañas FS by a score of 1-5. This victory allows the Victor Quintero play the third knockout phase of the Queen’s Cup, although all eyes are on the league match that will be played in the next 48 hours against Les Corts in Barcelona.

Víctor Quintero started Paula in goal, Julia, Ksenia, Kichi and Cristi. Ana del Río, Pepa, Nerea, Ángela and Noelia came out for Villacañas. The match began with Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal dominating control of the ball but without finding clear chances. The locals did more damage from the beginning through counters that always ended at Noelia’s feet. Just in the 3rd minute, Afri had to save a very clear opportunity with a providential cut moments before the rival center found a shot.

From less to more

Little by little the visitors gained confidence. The attacks became more and more dangerous until in a great play Ksenia finished off a pass from Cristi to make it 0-1 in the minute 11. El Torcal was not satisfied and wanted more. Magnificent combination between Kichi and Ksenia that almost ended in a dangerous shot just a few meters from the goal. Later, the Malaga team had a crazy play in which Sarita left Ale alone, who opted to pass to Afri but, covered by the rival defense, she failed to score the second with an empty goal.

Villacañas did not give up despite the first blow and, supported by their fans, they recovered a ball that almost ended in a goal for Ángela. But the local insistence in the last minutes of the first half ended without reward. After a throw-in, the ball ended up at the feet of Cristi, who oriented the ball to his right and nailed it into the top corner. Goal in the 19th minute that sent Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal 0-2 up at halftime.

The Nueces de Ronda was far superior. Jose Manuel Campos

Second part

The second half revealed the difference in category between both teams. After several occasions in which the rival goalkeeper had to intervene, the team from Malaga opened the can again. In the 31st minute Ksenia took a corner to Ale, who hit a shot from afar to make it 0-3. Four minutes later the fourth arrived. Raquel finished off a pass from Afri from the wing in two halves to continue increasing the score.

The consolation goal for Villacañas came to the hands of Virginia, but their joy did not last long, as Raquel signed her double and the final 1-5 with a goal into an empty net.

The match was marked by the great support of the town for its team. ANDThe Villacañas pavilion was packed with people who took advantage of the opportunity to cheer on their team, especially a First Division team like Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal.


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