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Haddi Review: ‘Haddi’ is a story of transgender’s helplessness and strength, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s strong acting impresses

From childhood till now, we have come to hear different stories about transgenders. But rarely have tried to know them closely. That thing is different that from time to time films and series are made on the life of transgender. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s film Haddi was also being discussed for a long time. The wait is over, the film has been released on Zee5. Know how different the story of the bone is from the rest of the films.

‘Haddi’ is the story of a transgender
The film is the story of Haddi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a transgender living in Allahabad, who has always been cursed by family and society. The society does not even want to let him live, but perhaps death was not written in his destiny. That’s why he survives even after coming close to death. Wanted to live life. Only then the bone gets the support of Amma (Ila Arun). Amma not only teaches Bone, but also makes him a good person.

Amma had set the life of a helpless bone. He was also working hard to move forward. That’s when a politician named Pramod Ahlawat (Anurag Kashyap) enters his life. After this the story of his life changes completely. Pramod is a greedy and mean politician, who wanted to make a place like Noida a Shanghai through his black business. Pramod is one of those people, who does not miss taking people’s lives for his own benefit. Bone and Pramod also have an old history. Now Pramod is heavy on the bone or the bone is on Pramod, to know this you will have to watch the film. This is the main plot of the present story.

the story is weak
To tell the truth, Nawaz is such a great actor that one has to think ten times before writing or speaking about his film. The trailer of Haddi was so powerful that everyone thought that the film is going to be a big hit. But after watching the movie, it seems that even 10 percent of what we saw in the trailer was not shown in the film. Despite having a star like Nawaz and a serious issue, the film looks very weak.

The first half of the film looks very confused and slow. Can’t understand where the film is running. Nor does it come to know what the story is after all. On the other hand, its second half runs so fast that it is not known when the movie ended. Seeing its end, it seemed that the director was in a hurry to finish the film. Or he didn’t have to give a better end to the picture.

Nawaz’s strong acting in a weak story
Even though the story is weak, but Nawaz has played the role of transgender in the film in a very strong way. Seeing his performances at many places, it was not felt that he is a mail actor. He was seen putting a twist in the normal story with his excellent acting. It is good to see them on screen. The way he flaunts wearing a saree and working with his eyes, it is clear that he has mixed up his role.

What is the work of Anurag Kashyap?
Anurag Kashyap does such a great job behind the camera. He was seen acting equally useless in front of the camera. An actor is recognized that he does wonders with his eyes more than words. Alas, as long as Anurag remained on the screen, he was only seen doing fake acting. Apart from him, Saurabh Sachdeva, Zeeshan Ayub and Ila Arun were also in important roles in the film, which worked well as long as they were seen on TV.

Where did the film lack?
There was a lot of lack of songs and humor in Bone. The story seemed scattered. The scenes of the film were not decorated with a flow. Jokes of meme culture have also been killed in Nawaz’s film, which is not fun to listen to. Efforts were made to impress the audience through the trailer. If he had done that much on the film, he would not have been disappointed at all. The direction of the film also seems very week.

Why watch movies?
If you are a fan of Nawaz and do not want to miss his film, then you can watch Bone. But don’t expect anything from the film after watching the trailer. If you expect, then you will be disappointed.


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