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Gustavo Petro’s disapproval reaches 61%, according to a survey

Support for the management of the Colombian president, Gustavo Petrofell in the last month by reaching a disapproval rate of 61%, according to a survey carried out by the Datexco pollster, published this Monday.

This probe in which 700 men and women of legal age were questioned by telephone, for the local media outlet W Radio, took place days after the president forced a premature remodeling of his ministerial cabinet, replacing seven heads of portfolios, including the Treasury, Interior and Health.

This order of resignation protocol to his entire cabinet, which joined the three ministers relieved last February (Education, Culture and Sport), revealed the feeling of uneasiness of 51% of those surveyed and the agreement of 31% of them.

Within the framework of a political crisis triggered by the lack of support for his reforms in a Congress in which Petro no longer has majorities, the eastern region, the capital district of Bogotá and the central region were consecrated as those with the highest opposition to the management that Petro is making of the country with 72%, 65% and 64% disapproval, respectively.

in the heat of discussions to achieve the approval of reforms such as health, the study took into account the opinion of those surveyed that the president “stir up a revolution” from the balcony of the presidency of the Republic.

“The attempt to curtail the reforms it can lead to a revolution,” Petro said on May 1 during his second “balconazo” at the Casa de Nariño, headquarters of the Executive.

Questioned about it, 68% of the sample stated that they disagreed with this “encouragement” to the revolution, data to which is added the rejection of 58% of those surveyed to the president’s speeches from the balcony of the presidential building.


Based on the progress of the Government in total peace, the eastern region rated this issue the worst with an average of 1.8 on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good).

In this area, there are troubled regions such as the catatumboin the department of Norte de Santander, where the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) operate, the 33rd front of the FARC dissidents, a stronghold of the People’s Liberation Army (EPL) and some criminal gangs.

The central region was the second most negatively valued progress in total peace with an average of 1.9.

In this area, departments such as the Goal where there are dissident groups from the FARC, the ELN and the paramilitary Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), also known as the Gulf Clan.


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