Sunday, December 10, 2023

Gündogan asks more from the locker room after the defeat in the Classic

I didn’t come here to lose these types of games or allow this type of gap to open.” Gündogan, who made his debut as a scorer in the Classic, showed his anger with the locker room in mixed zone. He did not like the attitude of some teammates and asked the team to take pride in defeats: “This is part of the problem. Emotions have to come out when you lose. And when you know that you can play better and do better in certain situations,” the former City player was honest.

Gündogan sees something that he doesn’t like. After his great performance in the Classic and his scoring debut, the player went to the locker room very upset by the defeat. This is how his speech began: “I want to be honest but without going overboard,” said the midfielder after finishing the game. “I don’t want to say something I shouldn’t. I come from the locker room and obviously people are disappointed but after such an important match and an unnecessary result I would like to see more anger and disappointment.“.

The German asked the team “to take a very big step forward” to prevent these situations from being repeated because otherwise “Real Madrid and Girona are going to escape us.” “If you don’t react, then this is transferred to the field. We have to take a very big step in this aspect because if not Real Madrid, and even Girona, can escape,” he assured.

Finally, he commented that he did not come from Manchester City to waste time. He can’t let these things happen: “I didn’t come here to lose these types of games or open these types of gaps. I also have responsibility as a veteran player to not allow the team to let these things happen,” he concluded.


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