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‘GTA 6’: new details leaked about the open world of Vice City

Although there is no official confirmation in this regard, many are still hopeful that Rockstar Games will present GTA 6 during this month. At the moment, however, the study has not given any sign that this will happen. Despite this, we were recently able to learn about a series of technologies that are already present in the latest version of Rockstar’s graphics engine, and that will surely be used in GTA 6. Specifically, in its open world.

Before continuing, we must remember that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, the city inspired by Miami. Multiple reliable reports have advanced the information for a long time, but it was not until the controversial 2022 leak, the product of unauthorized access to Rockstar’s internal system, that we were able to confirm it.

Now, thanks to RockstarMaga website specialized in future projects of the New York-based company, we have learned of some news that, almost certainly, will be present in the new version of Vice City.

An important point is that Rockstar has its own graphics engine, the Rockstar Advanced Game Enginebetter known as RAGE. With each new project, they update it significantly to take advantage of current hardware.

In the case of GTA 6everything indicates that it will only see the light of day on the PS5, Xbox Series

According to the aforementioned media, the version of the RAGE engine that is being used to develop GTA 6 includes the following new features. Firstly, there will be a significant improvement in water physics. It will be simulated in real time so that it behaves in a way that is very close to reality. For reference, in the film world they use very similar technology, and now we will have it in Vice City.

What can we expect with real-time simulated water? The ocean, for example, can react realistically to the passage of air currents, boats, and our character swimming, to name just a few situations. With this demo from NVIDIA GameWorks, which already integrates a tool to simulate water, you can get an idea of ​​how it works:

RockstarMag speculates that real-time water simulation may open the door to surfing activities in GTA 6. Nothing is confirmed, obviously.

The second great novelty of GTA 6 It would be in the vehicles. Rockstar would have considerably increased the number of polygons in each car. Thanks to this, it will be possible to show much more precise and detailed deformations. Consequently, the collision system will have much more realistic effects if we compare it with what we see in Grand Theft Auto 5.

On the other hand, increasing polygons will also make the cars boast a higher level of detail, both outside and inside. In fact, one of the leaked videos of GTA 6 In 2022, it showed a huge leap in the graphic quality of the cabins.

Now it’s time to talk about lighting. In this sense, GTA 6 will inherit the same technology from Red Dead Redemption 2which already uses a simulated light system with surprising results during the day and night. Much is due to the materials of the objects in the environment, which are capable of reflecting light in accordance with reality.

Finally, GTA 6 I would bet on realistic weather effects. That is, the climate will cause changes in the scenario. For example, a strong air current may shake vegetation and alter the movement of waves on the beach. Rain, for its part, will make it more difficult to drive at high speed. Likewise, greater realism will be noticed in the day and night cycle, so characteristic of the open worlds designed by Rockstar.

Despite the reliability of the source, it is best to take this report with confidence and wait for confirmation from Rockstar. Even if GTA 6 is not presented this month, have no doubt that the studio is already working on it. So, the announcement can come at any time…

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