Grupo SID develops a broad social investment program in favor of communities, families, art, culture and institutional support with the profile of public-private partnerships.

Within the framework of its “Actions that leave traces” plan, Grupo SID has contributed some RD$500 million (RD$100 million annual average) in socially responsible executions in the last five years.


The renovation of Avenida de la Salud, support for the Mental Health Unit of the Santo Socorro Hospital, the Fire Department of the National District, Parador La Confluencia and the “Little Letters” Children’s Libraries, constitute contributions under public-private partnerships.

In the area of ​​communities and families, Grupo SID makes donations of products in different social welfare campaigns, with support for neighborhood associations, clubs and community associations and develops activities such as “Induveca makes history in your life” and “Homes full of flavor” , and humanitarian aid with the support of the international humanitarian aid network, World Central Kitchen.

“We celebrate 85 years of continuous presence in the Dominican Republic accompanying the well-being of citizens and making our growth spill over into the communities that are an essential part of our continuity as a leading business group in the national industry,” said the executive president of Grupo SID, Ligia Bonetti.


According to a report on social responsibility actions, Grupo SID promotes -in its line of art and culture- the carnivals of La Vega, the National District, Santiago and Cristo Rey, contributes with the publication of books on history, art, gastronomy, culture, as well as with the realization of art murals and exhibitions of Dominican artists.

Likewise, support for the Civil Defense, the Red Cross, embassies, churches, foundations of various approaches, shelters and other entities are part of the social arm of Grupo SID in institutions and non-profit associations.

Grupo SID is a business conglomerate from the Dominican Republic that has more than 2,000 products under its umbrella and has a presence in 17 countries. It is made up of the 6 companies: MercaSID, Induveca, Crystal, Induspalma, Leones del Escondido and the Next fuel stations.