Thursday, March 23, 2023

Grupo SID inaugurates new company spaces Induspalma with an investment of RD$175 million

The SID Group inaugurated the transformation and modernization of the Induspalma workspaces, investing RD$175 million for it, which will impact its more than 800 employees and will contribute to the sustainable development of the province of Monte Plata.

Induspalma now has a modern and spacious work space, with a dining room and industrial kitchen, a medical unit, a lactation room and more comfortable open offices, a pharmacy, a dental unit, an ARS consultation room, multipurpose rooms, a library and a security monitoring area, all this in the search to raise the levels of interaction between collaborators.

The company operates in the center of the palm plantation of this community, with an extension of 5,200 square meters. Its operation, in addition to generating decent jobs, also contributes to the progress of thousands of families. Induspalma’s plantations cover 7,000 hectares and are located in the provinces of Monte Plata and Hato Mayor.

During the activity, the executive president of Grupo SID, Ligia Bonetti, said that Induspalma represents “a historical symbol of the Dominican essence”, because it is a company that marked a milestone in agribusiness and was a pioneer in the planting of African palm in Dominican Republic, in addition to the extraction of palm oil.

“In these modern facilities we will work more effectively and it will help us maintain a strong and united culture. Let’s continue giving our best every day, having quality and excellence as our hallmark. With this tireless pace of work, we continue to be a model plantation and factory, an example in the region,” Bonetti said.

For her part, the general manager of Induspalma, Ana Bonetti, highlighted that a great effort has been made to offer collaborators a work environment where everyone is comfortable, feels welcome and that is both inspiring and productive. “I feel extremely excited to see how this space can improve our work and motivate us to propose increasingly ambitious goals to continue setting milestones in the industry and setting footsteps of progress and development in the country,” she said.

With the inauguration, the company reaffirms its commitment to the advancement and progress of the country. “Our mission to create well-being has led us over the years to value what is truly important: living in a fair society, with equal opportunities, with a feeling of solidarity and, above all, with the will to work together among the public and private sectors to move the country forward”, highlighted Ligia Bonetti.

About induspalma

Inaugurated in February 1981, Induspalma Dominicana SA is a project for the production of vegetable oil from oil palm in the Caribbean region.

With its implementation, the Dominican Republic considerably reduced imports of edible fats and was placed on the map of countries that produce high-quality edible oils.

The different agro-industrial processes generate more than 1,000 jobs, which benefits hundreds of families and impacts the socioeconomic development of dozens of communities in that region of the country. Induspalma’s plantations are at the level of world producers. All its industrial processes, carried out in accordance with the strictest standards of environmental conservation.

About SID Group

Grupo SID is an important business conglomerate made up of MercaSID, Induveca, Induspalma, Escogido Baseball Club and NEXT, which seeks to provide well-being, equal opportunities and a willingness to work together through its companies.


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