Saturday, January 28, 2023

Grupo Popular continues as the most admired company for the tenth year

Grupo Popular received recognition as the most admired company in the Dominican Republic for the tenth consecutive time, with a level of 56.6%, according to the results of the study carried out by the firm Read Investigación & Consultoría for Mercado magazine.

Eight criteria are considered in the preparation of the perception study, of which Grupo Popular leads seven of them: innovation (26.6%), economic strength (44.6%), high managerial capacity (33.4%), corporate social responsibility (26.8% ), more trained employees (28.6%), quality of their products and services (21%) and customer service (25.1%).

The financial organization has been achieving an admiration level above 50% for five years in a row, something never surpassed by any other company in the 20 years of conducting this corporate admiration study.

“It is the perfect demonstration that sustainability and social impact are the paradigms for measuring success”, says the magazine.

Banco Popular and AFP Popular lead their categories

Four subsidiaries that make up the Popular Group stand out in their respective categories. Banco Popular Dominicano leads the banking segment with a score of 49.6% and AFP Popular is the first among pension fund managers with 41.2%.

Meanwhile, AVANCE Capital Dominicana, trademark of the subsidiary Servicios Digitales Popular, enters the list for the first time, occupying the third position among Dominican fintech companies. For its part, Inversiones Popular, the Grupo Popular stock exchange, maintains its position compared to the previous year.

Trust in honest companies

The executive president of Grupo Popular, Mr. Manuel E. Jiménez F., congratulated himself on the achievements obtained, both by the parent company and by the subsidiary companies: “This is a reflection of the trust that customers and related parties place in our teams of collaborators, who work with determination, based on a culture based on values ​​and with a vision of the future to always deliver innovative solutions”, he said.

For her part, in the editorial of the magazine, its editor-in-chief, Mrs. Patricia de Moya, stressed how in moments of general transformation the integrity of the most admired companies “serves as a great intangible asset”, adding that “it is key to deepen about how this impeccable management strengthens the image and prestige enjoyed by the companies of our economy in society”.

The ranking of the “Most Admired Companies” is obtained through a survey of direct questions to 500 respondents with a general knowledge of business activity, to whom is added the subscriber base of Mercado magazine, which evaluates 50 sectors of activity. economy, which includes local and foreign companies, as well as public institutions.

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