Saturday, April 1, 2023

Greek leader Mitsotakis could not remain indifferent to President Erdogan’s ‘behave’ warning

Making statements during a program he attended last week, President Erdoğan also gave clear messages to Greece, where relations are tense.

“As long as you behave, we have no business with you”

Stating that rivals and opponents do not stand idle, Erdogan said, “They try every way to break the agreements. Someone from the inside carries water to their mill. If we have made gains, we must protect them together. When we took office, the locality in the defense industry was 20 percent, now it is 80 percent. We are doing our things. We also have the Red Apple. When we start mass production, it will carry the bomb carried by the F-16. What does the Greek say? What are these crazy Turks doing? Trials were made from Izmir. A missile to be launched from there started to frighten them. I say too He said, “O Greek, we have no business with you as long as you behave yourself.”


After these statements, a response came from Greece. Mitsotakis, who participated in an interview within the scope of the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland, argued that there has been a great deal of tension between Turkey and Greece for the last three years and that a solution can be found for the problems. Mitsotakis, directed by journalist Fareed Zakaria; The question about whether there is a danger regarding the Meis Island and whether to go to war with Turkey, “We will not go to war with Turkey.” he replied.


Arguing that the main problem between Turkey and Greece is the limitation of maritime jurisdiction areas in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, Miçotakis said, “We need to be able to sit down with Turkey like sensible adults and solve our main problem.” said. Mitsotakis, claiming that this is a complicated problem due to the geographical structure of the Aegean, stated that Greece made an agreement with Italy and Egypt to solve similar problems.

Noting that the elections in Greece and Turkey will be held in the near future, Mitsotakis said, “I think there are ways to reduce tension, work on issues of common interest, and agree when we have disagreements.” he said.


Mitsotakis, arguing that even disagreements can be brought up in a civilized manner, “We do not need to threaten each other, take provocative actions that increase the risk of overflight or such an accident.” made its assessment. Emphasizing that they talked to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan many times, Miçotakis said, “Even though we had very difficult times, I do not think that a solution with President Erdoğan is impossible.” used the phrases.


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