Friday, December 8, 2023

Granollers 27-Costa del Sol 20: the Malaga panthers are left without a cup final

After the suffering and agony of Friday to go to the semifinals, Handball Costa del Sol Málaga had a bad day this Saturday against KH7 Granollers in a “semi” in which they were always behind on the scoreboard and in which they were never able to show their usual game in defense and attack. Those of Suso Gallardo lost 27-20 and this Sunday they will give up their cupbearer scepter achieved 12 months ago in San Sebastián.

It’s not a matter of looking for excuses, I’m sure that they themselves won’t hold on to the casualties to explain why they missed out on the pass to the final, but the truth is that without Sole López and Gabi Pessoa, both injured, without Merche Castellanos either to play and with Rocío Campigli, who ended up in the hospital on Friday night, due to the blow she sustained on her finger during the quarterfinals… The truth is that getting into the very final was complicated too much from before the ball was even put into play.

Quite the opposite was what happened to KH7 Granollers. The Catalans played a very serious game. Everything went well for them. Nicole Wiggins led her team from goal, Ona Vegué swelled up to score goals, Ana González from Malaga was a dagger at the end… The truth is that all of Robert Cuesta’s players executed a perfect match plan that led them to their first Cup final in a more than deserved way.

From minute 1 it was seen that the afternoon was not going to be placid at all. Always trailing on the scoreboard, Suso Gallardo’s men suffered a lot. The Catalans had an advantage of up to 4 goals at the beginning, with a great start to the game in defense and also with great success in attack. With the passing of the minutes he began to be the protagonist Virginia Fernandez in goal. The malagueña took balls almost impossible and the team was rowing until reaching the break very close to those trained by Robert Cuesta (12-11). There was hope.

Second part of color vallesano

But the second part had no story. Once again the Vallesanas played better at the start. In defense and in attack. The alarm went off in the 41st minute, at 17-13. Four down the Costa del Sol and very few ideas and resources to oppose their rival.

The game then entered into an exchange of goals that did not favor the home team at all in their attempt to come back. G.Allardo called a timeout at 21-16 to try it with 7 players on the court risking without a goalkeeper. It was the last turn of the screw on his blackboard to look for an impossible. Wiggins continued to be very in tune in the Catalans’ goal and the defeat was already undeniable in a final sprint of the game in which, as everything can get worse, Laura Sánchez also gave a scare with a strong blow to the ankle.

The Queen’s Cup 2023 is over. Next goal, the play off for the title.


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