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Granada delves into Almería’s crisis by equaling 3-0 in the second half

Almería and Granada tied 3-3, with successes and errors also shared, in a andalusian duel in which the people of Almeria missed the opportunity to add their first victory, after going 3-0 with a hat trick from the Colombian Luis Suárez in five minutes, shortly before half-time, as the Granadans equalized in a crazy second half with a penalty missed by the visitors and a post for each team in the extension.

Luis Suarezwho left the field injured, scored in minutes 41, 43 and 46+, enabled in his three goals by the Belgian Largie Ramazanibut Granada reacted in the second half and, despite Antonio Puertas missing a penalty, Bryan Zaragoza made it 3-1 in another maximum penalty (m.66), Richard He pushed the score further in the 70th and the Albanian Myrto Uzuni achieved the final tie in the 85th minute between the last two classified teams.

Both teams achieved the worst possible result for their interests in a reckless match, especially on the part of Almería, which went into the break with a resounding victory forged by rival fear and success in the last quarter of an hour, with three goals from Luis Suárez. However, the mistakes took their toll in a crazy second half.

The game was controlled by Granada in the first half hour, doing damage on the wing, with the arrivals of Bryan Zaragoza, from the left, and Jose Callejon, on the right. Almería, afraid, did not know how to handle itself, although order prevented the fruitful arrivals of the team trained by Paco Lopezwho was able to go ahead in the 18th minute in one of the good arrivals of his best man, Bryan Zaragoza, with a final shot by Antonio Puertas that went wide.

Almería, however, began to steal the ball against an imprecise Granada and, near the midpoint of the first half, Brazilian Leo Baptistao shot imprecisely and the ball was cleared by the goalkeeper. André Ferreira It fell to Luis Suárez, who missed the mark so that later Edgarwith a header, finished off the ball and the header of Ignasi Miquel, a goal for which he later had to be substituted.

Almería pushed harder and, in a somewhat confusing play, Baptistao’s final shot crashed into the right stick of the goal defended by André Ferreira, in the 28th minute, in a phase of more territorial dominance by the locals.

Almería, more involved, began to have more of the ball, but without finishing, until in the 41st minute Luis Suárez, in an action that arose from a theft of the ball by Gonzalo Melero, He collected a filtered pass from the Belgian Ramazani to escape from Ignasi Miquel and beat André Ferreira.

The goal was a blow for Granada. With Bryan Zaragoza appearing less and Almería becoming bigger and doing things well, the debutant’s team Alberto Lasarteinterim coach after the dismissal of Vicente Moreno, advanced the line of pressure and this paid off when Suárez made it 2-0 in the 43rd minute, again after a pass from Ramazani.

Without recovering and with Granada sunk, Antonio Puertas tried to take the ball from the media area, Ramazani took control of it and, as in the first goal, he saw Luis Suárez preparing the ‘rifle’. The Colombian got the ball, faced Ferreira, surpassed him and cut a defender to score the goal. 3-0 in the extension of the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, Granada got into the game with the changes. He missed a penalty, in the 55th minute, with a knockdown by Baba on Gonzalo Villar that was thrown by Puertas and stopped by Maximiano. The second, whistled by the referee after a small push by Puigmal on Zaragoza, in the 63rd minute, was taken advantage of by the young man from Malaga to close the gap.

He 3-1 It was a low blow for Almería, who began to doubt and Puertas signed the birth of the 3-2 with a ride towards the area and a final pass to full-back Ricard Sánchez, who, entering from the right, crossed the ball inside.

The script then returned to the beginning, with Granada being the master of the match and Almería a bundle of nerves. Paco López saw ‘blood’ and put Uzuni on the field, who in the 85th took advantage of a long ball from Miguel Rubio to tie and even seek victory.

Almería also had it, with a shot from Sergio Arribas hit the post in the 96th and another later that went over the crossbar, in addition to a shot outside Melero in the 98th with the clash already very open, although Granada was also able to take the three points with a shot from Alvaro Fernandez to the stick that left some tables that are of no use to anyone.


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