Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Government brings electricity to 57 families in Los Pajones de Nagua

He Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), through the Directorate of Urban and Suburban Electrification (DERS), inaugurated the conventional network extension project in the Los Pajones sector, of the El Factor municipality of the María Trinidad Sánchez province, which will benefit from the improvement of the service electric to 57 families underprivileged in this community.

This project is part of the program “Bringing Light”which is part of the Dominican Government’s strategy on electricity to supply energy to all homes in the country.

The construction sitewhich will impact 57 families and a population of 258 inhabitants, has a extension of networks of 1,940 meters of medium and low voltage line, 37 light poles, 18 250w LED type lamps and 40 electrical connections for homes.

After hearing the gratitude of the community members, the minister Antonio Almonte He explained that this electrification project is a commitment by the government headed by President Luis Abinader, to contribute to the improvement and well-being of Dominicans, since without electricity no town can develop.

“In today’s times life is very difficult without electric powerand above all, it is very difficult for their children in the future to be competitive in the labor market if they do not have electricity with which to study and have access to the information required for their academic training,” said Almonte, after pointing out that this is the reason main reason that motivates the Government to bring light to all parts of the country.

He explained that the Government The Dominican Republic, through the MEM, also works in places that have a precarious electrical service, installing new light poles, distribution lines, transformers, and luminaires that make the quality and solidity of the electrical service more efficient and robust.

Regarding the rise of renewable energy the country is experiencing, Minister Almonte revealed that the general strategy of the current management in the field of electricity is to promote the development of energy from clean sources, and that only this year 900 megawatts will enter the system, which, added to what is installed Last year, the Government will have injected into the electrical grid by the end of 2023 around 1,200 megawatts of renewable origin, which it defined as a record for Central America and the Caribbean in terms of the speed and growth of clean energy.

“No government had promoted a strategy that walks with two feet, of rapid expansion of renewable energies and rapid and safe expansion of natural gas-based electricity generation. President Abinader has committed to definitively resolve the electrical situation at the national level,” he said.

On your side, residents of the pajones They said they were happy with this electrical project because of its economic importance, and because it will allow them greater security when moving around the sector at night.

Maria Durana resident of the community, expressed with joy that with this initiative it will be easier for them to carry out household activities through the use of electrical appliances and technologies that work based on electrical energy, which will translate into a substantial change in their lives. .

Likewise, the provincial governor of María Trinidad Sánchez, Gregory Correaoffered thanks to President Luis Abinader and Minister Almonte, considered that the work will benefit the community of Los Pajones, who complained about the deterioration of the electrical networks that resulted in interruptions of electrical service.

He argued that the improvement of electric service In this community, it has come to fill a void that these locals had for many years, arguing that electricity is one of the most important social services.

In the activity Also present were Rafael Gómez, Vice Minister of Energy; Francisco Cornelio, director of the DERS; Bruno Martínez, representing the senator from María Trinidad Sánchez, and the parish priest Norberto Rosario, who blessed the work.


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