Saturday, December 9, 2023

Gorriarán explodes for attacking a Tigres truck; ‘Stadium f…’

The final of the Liga MX between chivas and tigers was marred by the violencesince the truck of the cats was greeted with stones upon arrival at the akron stadiumwhich provoked the anger of Fernando Gorriaran.

On the way to the locker room, the blue-golden player claimed the violence they were subjected to by some followers of the Herd. “Go see how the truck looks, see how it turned out”, and then say “Shitty stadium”. All this was captured by reporter Alejandro Mendoza.

The psports resident of the royals, Mauricio Culebro, he also expressed his annoyance, albeit in a more measured way. “Look at the truck, they broke all the windows,” she said.

After the incident, the MX League indicated that the police made arrests for what happened with the bus of the tigers.

“During a security operation in akron stadiumthe Zapopan Mounted Police arrested those involved in the incident with the @TigresOficial bus. The @LigaBBVAMX calls to enjoy the #GranFinal in an atmosphere of respect for the rival,” the organization published on Twitter.


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