Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Google’s search engine powered by generative AI is now available in Mexico

The Google Search Generative Experience (SGE), which powers its search engine with generative AI, is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Indonesian. This means, of course, that more countries will be able to take advantage of the tool. In total there are 120 regions that are embracing this useful technology.

Among them is Mexico, where starting today it is possible to obtain search results enriched by Google’s generative AI. Of course, you will not see changes in the usual search engine, at least initially.

To use generative AI you will have to access Google Search Labs, a program that Mountain View offers to test tools and applications that are still in development.

Once you join the program—which is completely free, by the way—you have two options: use the Generative Search Experience through your computeror, from a mobile device. For the first you will have to have Chrome installed, while for the second you only need the Google application for iOS or Android. It is worth mentioning that, in the app, SGE will wait a few weeks.

Google expands its generative AI

What is Generative Search Experience? Basically, it is Google’s proposal that integrates a artificial intelligence chatbot within your search engine.

Usually, when we search on Google, we get websites as an answer. Sometimes useful information or videos are shown at the top, depending on whether the query warrants it.

However, with generative AI, the Google search engine responds to you like a chatbot. That is, including the useful information you need without having to go to a website. Yes, it’s like having ChatGPT integrated into Google.

Now, we must consider that Google’s generative AI continues to be developed. Consequently, your performance may not be as expected. The company’s idea is that more people try it to get their opinion and improve it. “Our goal with this phase of SGE is to get feedback and iterate the experience together with our users,” said a Google representative.

One of the main doubts that prevails around SGE is whether Google will allow other browsers to incorporate it in the future, since currently is limited to Chrome. Those led by Sundar Pichai, in an interview with The VergeThey preferred not to comment on the matter. So, it seems we can forget about seeing Google’s generative AI in Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Brave or Vivaldi, to name just a few.

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