Friday, December 2, 2022

Google’s new secret project is a type of code capable of creating, repairing and updating itself

In recent times, Big Tech seems to have committed itself to revolutionizing software engineering. Microsoft took the first step with GitHub and Copilot, the snippet-suggesting feature that already creates 40% of the code for developers who use it. Y Google wants to go one step further, hand in hand with a secret project that seeks create code capable of writing, repairing, and updating itself. All hand in hand with artificial intelligence, of course.

As reported Business Insiderthe initiative was born under the name of pitchforkand has now been renamed AI Developer Assistance (AI Help for Developers). It is part of Google’s bet in the field of “generative artificial intelligence”, and everything indicates that it has won the support of the main executives in Mountain View.

The aforementioned medium indicates that the idea was born in X, Alphabet’s research unit. However, during the last summer it migrated to Google Labs for the continuity of its development. Of course, the details of how this potentially revolutionary tool works remain a mystery. However, some of the details that have come to light paint a very interesting picture of what to expect from this project.

Pitchfork, or AI Developer Assistance, is itself a tool that uses machine learning to teach code to write and rewrite itself. How do you get it? Learning styles corresponding to programming languages, and applying that knowledge to write new lines of code.

Google wants to revolutionize software engineering with generative artificial intelligence

Google Artificial Intelligence MUM

The striking thing is that it was not the original purpose that pursued the creation of this utility based on artificial intelligence. The sources of Business Insider revealed that the intent was actually to create a platform that was capable of automatically updating the Python codebase every time a new version was released, without requiring the intervention or hiring of a large number of engineers.

However, the potential of the program proved to be much greater than originally thought. Now, the intention is to give life to a general-purpose system that is capable of maintaining a quality standard in the code, but without depending on human interference in development and update tasks.

It is not yet known if Google wants this AI-based tool to be for internal use only; or if you plan to open it to the public. For now, the project is at a very early stage and it is not expected to see it in action immediately.

In addition, those of Mountain View must resolve several issues before showing it publicly. Both in the legal and ethical section. Let’s not forget that the Californian firm was at the center of the scene this year in the case of the engineer fired for stating that LaMDAits artificial intelligence model for natural language conversations, had gained awareness.

Although, seen from the outside, a type of code capable of writing and rewriting itself seems to pose more technical challenges than otherwise. After all, a bug in one line of code could lead to major bugs. We will have to see how this story progresses.

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