Sunday, December 10, 2023

Google would limit one of Android’s most popular features to prevent malware attacks

Unfortunately, malware attacks are still commonplace on Android phones. It’s true that Google has drastically improved the security of its operating system over the years, but there’s still a lot to do. And a new rumor suggests that Android 14 It would come with an important limitation to one of the most popular functions of the operating system to prevent attacks with malicious software. We are talking, of course, about sideloading.

This does not mean that it cannot be done. sideloading on Android 14; that is, installing applications manually from their APK file. If not that the Californian firm will implement more stringent API requirements to prevent old apps from being installed on the next version of your operating system.

According to collect 9to5Googlea recent code change suggests that Android 14 will completely block the installation of outdated apps. In this way, APKs that do not meet the minimum API level established by Google cannot be installed manually, nor can they be installed through third-party application stores.

If realized, it will be a big change to installing apps from unknown sources, one of the most traditional features of Android. However, the limitation that Californians intend to impose from Android 14 makes sense, and goes hand in hand with the recently applied changes in the Play Store policies.

Let’s not forget that the official app store for the Google OS has modified its guidelines this month. From now on, new applications submitted by developers cannot support versions older than Android 12 (API level 31).


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