Thursday, September 21, 2023

Google works on an app with artificial intelligence that helps you progress in life

The search giant, Google, is in the development of an application that will help you progress in life, thanks to the integration of the . The idea is that this system is trained to advise you in personal, sentimental and professional situations.

The company’s experts work through the team of Google DeepMind, review 24 Hours. The main objective of the company is to create a development efficient enough, as to offer an additional tool, that equals or approaches the participation of a human.

They also want to be pioneers in this section and surpass the offers made by companies such as OpenAi or Microsoft. The idea is to integrate some 21 different personal and professional tasks, about which the user can talk freely with a chatbot.

Among the most prominent, so far, are advice on:

  • How to progress in a sport
  • Exercise and nutrition advice
  • How to arrange financing
  • How to plan a meal
  • How to proceed in certain work situations

In the same way, they are working with some 100 mental health professionals, to help them train the same artificial intelligence, so that the application is able to answer questions or doubts about feelings.


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