Thursday, June 1, 2023

Google will pay up to $30,000 to users who find security flaws in its apps

Google offers rewards of up to $30,000 to those who discover security flaws in their applications. The program, known as the Vulnerability Reward Program, allows any user to participate and earn money for finding security problems in Google applications.

In accordance with computer todaythis initiative has as its main objective allow Google to fix security flaws before they become a real inconvenience for the company.

While $30,000 may seem like a small amount for the company, facing lawsuits or penalties for security issues could have more serious consequences.

Types of security breaches

The amount of money that can be obtained depends on the type of problem identified. The severity of the security breaches will determine the maximum payment, which reaches $30,000.

To receive this amount, it is necessary to find a category 1 security breach, such as “Random Code Execution” within “Remote Interaction/No User Participation”.


In case the bug is classified in a lower category, the rewards will be less. For example, in category 2, the maximum that can be obtained for a similar error is $25,000, with the minimum in this category being $625. In category 1, the minimum is $750.

Google has created a web page detailing how to access these rewards and how to report security flaws found. The company will verify the existence of the failure before making the payment.

This program represents an interesting way to motivate more advanced users to work on identifying security flaws, offering a significant sum of money as an incentive. It is important to note that this opportunity may not be available to all users, since solid programming knowledge in the Android environment is required to find these errors.


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